Murray, Wawrinka, Tsonga part of stacked draw at Queen’s Club

The French Open title once again eluded Andy Murray, but he has to be feeling relieved about the state of his game heading into more favorable part of the season for him: grass.

After slumping through the first few months of the 2017 campaign, Murray heated up on his least favorite surface with a semifinal run at Roland Garros. The top-ranked Scot beat Juan Martin Del Potro and Kei Nishikori in the process before bowing out in five sets at the hands of eventual runner-up Stan Wawrinka.

Now Murray moves to the green stuff, and nowhere has he been more dominant throughout his career than at the AEGON Championships. Queen’s Club is the site of five of Murray’s 45 titles, making him the all-time leader in that category at this tournament. He is 30-5 lifetime and 10-0 in his last 10 matches (wins in 2015 and 2016).

The No. 1 seed’s draw will not make title No. 6 easy. He could have to get past Sam Querrey and Jo-Wilfried Tsonga simply to reach the semis, where Nick Kyrgios, Marin Cilic, or John Isner may be waiting.

Every one of the top four seeds, in fact, has a tough road. The fourth-seeded Cilic is going up against John Isner right off the bat, the second-seeded Wawrinka is facing Feliciano Lopez in round one, and third-seeded Milos Raonic is in a section of the bracket that also includes former Wimbledon semifinalist Grigor Dimitrov and grass-court wizard Nicolas Mahut.

Quarterfinal predictions
: Andy Murray over Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Nick Kyrgios over Marin Cilic, Milos Raonic over Grigor Dimitrov, and Feliciano Lopez over Kyle Edmund

Semifinals: Murray over Kyrgios and Raonic over Lopez

Final: Murray over Raonic

51 Comments on Murray, Wawrinka, Tsonga part of stacked draw at Queen’s Club

  1. I’ll take the chalk and pick Murray to win this. Olly, Stan doesn’t get up for these tournaments especially on grass. Coming off his loss in the French final, I see him with an early exit.

    • MA,

      I like your picks! I think Andy is going to win this. He’s getting back to really good form now. Just in time.

      • Nny!…Now,with nick withdrew maybe Johnson/isner/young will meet with Andy in Semis…

        Btw Nny..u didn’t join TDL this week?I miss u there…

  2. QF:
    Murray over Muller
    Kyrgios over Isner
    Raonic over Harrison
    Wawrinka over Edmund
    Murray over Kyrgios
    Raonic over Wawrinka
    Murray over Raonic

    • Oh Benny, the QFinalists that you predicted, only one left in the draw after R1; i.e. only Muller left!

  3. Kyrgios just withdrew after losing the first set TB to Young. They said he flipped and hurt his hip.

  4. @stu_fraser: “Stan Wawrinka’s first-round defeat at Queens means that Novak Djokovic will be second seed at Wimbledon.”

    @stu_fraser: “Two wins in Halle for Federer will guarantee him a top-four seeding, avoiding potential Wimbledon quarterfinals vs Murray/Dkokovic/Nadal”

    @stu_fraser: “Next week’s performances do not affect seedings”

    • What is going on with Murray? Losing the first set to Thompson? Thompson up a break in the second set?

      With Murray’s record at this event, getting knocked out early would be quite the shocker.

  5. I cannot believe this.

    I cannot believe this.

    I cannot believe this.

    What is wrong with Muzza? This is not good. In straight sets and all………….I am in shock…….

  6. What the hell just happened??

    This gives me a bad feeling about Rafa’s chances on slick grass he hasn’t played on……I hope I am just being paranoid…..

  7. My Bracket totally ruined now!!…1st Nick the Bratty,then Milos the Crappy and now Andy the Shockey!..Waaaaaaa!!!

  8. I’m so glad Rafa skipped Queens. He certainly won’t have enough time to adapt to grass if he plays there and may also lose in first match there.

    I do feel those who went deep at RG won’t do well at Queens. Stan seemed to have knee issue; Murray after that long grinding SF at RG didn’t seem to adapt that well to grass so soon. To be fair,both their opponents were playing good grass court tennis.

    As for Raonic, his opponent Kokki was just a little bit quicker, so the match was tight and Raonic was being narrowly edged out.

    Let’s see how Cilic handles Isner’s big serve on grass. Hopefully Cilic can win.

    • Rafa’s time working on his grass game is far more productive than coming to Queens half baked.

      • I agree. He can work at his grass game at his very own private pace and in good weather 😉
        Certainly preferable to uncertain scheduling.
        I wonder if he has a competent hitting partner at the grass courts of Mallorca.

    • When you think that Rafa won RG, Queens and Wimbledon in 2008, you have to take your hat off to him. In those days, Queens started immediately after RG.

      • Yeah, that’s how good Rafa was during his heydays! So far only Fed managed something like Rafa, i.e. at least reached final at RG and Wimbledon plus winning one grass court warm up in between – in 2006, 2008, but Fed did not win all three events one after another.

    • The results mean that Roger and Rafa will be seeded 3 and 4 at Wimby – Roger probably 3 because I assume that he will do well in Halle and therefore surpass Rafa. But that doesn’t matter a great deal. They will definitely be in opposite halfs. If Rafa ends up in Novak’s or Andy’s half doesn’t seem to matter a great deal right now, since they’re both in a slump, although I think that Andy might still gather some steam if he survives the first few rounds.
      Rafa knew apparently what he was doing when he skipped Queens 😉

      • It doesn’t matter how much steam Murray gathers, he has trouble beating an in-form Rafa on any surface.

    • And yes, Cilic won his match against Isner; unbelievable serves and returns by him.

      I hope he wins here at Queens, now that Murray is out.

  9. The top 3 seeds are out. Murray played with no passion at all. He finds it difficult to go up a gear against lower ranked players, I don’t know why.

    • If Fed gets top 4 it will be like old times, except that the seedings will be the wrong way round with Murray 1st not 4th. 😉

    • It’s good news that Rafa will be in the top four. Fed has his seeding in his own hands.

      It was a good decision for Rafa to skip Queens. Top three seeds out already.

      Rafa has a real opportunity to gain points at Wimby. I hope his preparation in Mallorca is going well.

      Murray getting knocked out early was a shocker, given his record there. He won’t have much match play before Wimby.

      Stan is a question mark with his knee. Novak still a big question mark. Murray looked to be getting back to form at RG, but still some doubts.

  10. So, Muzza and his band-mate, Nole, are both in a funk while Rafa and his band-mate, Fed, are twirling in the winners’ circle. Something’s going on with the Universe…………….@Sanju, you’re the resident Shaman, tell us!

  11. ATP Rankings with Wimbledon points off:
    1. Murray 7390
    2. Nadal 7285
    3. Wawrinka 6130

    These three can end Wimby as #1. Djoko in with a shout as well…….

    • We will all swallow our false teeth if Andy defends his Wimby title but it’s highly unlikely.

  12. It was all destined ritb. Finally life is fair and hard work and perseverance is rewarded.

    Rafa kept working hard and fortunately retooled a bit too his serve his backhand and weight of his shots. Why will the Almighty refuse to award him when he works hard and has desire to win 🙂

    • Aargh, nice! Well, hopefully I will be rewarded soon with the sight of Rafa biting another Slam trophy! I work hard willing him to win and I do have a desire for him to win! That counts, no?

    • Sanju, I know this is more a philosophical than a tennis question and we all have different believe systems. While Rafa certainly harvested the fruits of hard work,talent, a great team and good luck, I will never accept the idea that God has anything to do with this. Why should God love Rafa more than Novak and Andy or Wawa – or any other tennis player for that matter? Most of them certainly worked equally hard for it.Who are we to say that they didn’t deserve to win? And what about Rafa’s injury riddled years? Has he been punished for something? I don’t think so. Also, if there is a God, I’m fairly certain that he/she has far more pressing things to do than distributing wins and losses in sports. At least I hope so 😉
      I always resented it a bit when a player believe that God helped him/her winning, because it implies that for some reason the other player hasn’t been equally favored. Rafa has never done this, and that’s one reason why I like him. Agassi often said as much as well when he talked about Michael Chang and his believe system.
      No, I think Rafa has done it by hard work, a good team, some good decision making and a big portion of good old fashioned luck.
      Sorry, but I feel very strongly about this.
      That said, the tennis universe has certainly been a bit nostalgic this year.

      • Challenges are given to everyone in life to come out of it stronger…show me 1 person including any of us who has not faced a challenges ..sufferings teach produce endurance , endurance produces character and character produces hope. Rafa would not be the player he is today had he not faced those challenges and I firmly believe that. His adversities have made him stronger as is the case with every person…how will any person develop strength of character unless faced with adversities…No one is born with it 🙂

        Did Andy not have a bridesmaid role for way too long before he won a slam ? Novak challenge now also is to make him stronger as a person and that strength is not necessarily on tennis court.

        Ofcourse rafa has worked hard , has made adjustments and I am not discounting his efforts. He deserves every bit of it but he fought his way through every adversity and came out stronger .

        • Facing challenges does not mean punishment in case of good people. Good people will also face challenges in life so that they develop better qualities in the process.

      • Rafa has said it’s difficult to believe God’s existence and U.Toni doesn’t believe in religions.
        During an interview in 2010, Rafa was asked: “Do you believe in God? We see football players crossing themselves. You don’t do that. Do you do praying?”
        RAFA answered: “It’s hard to say, ‘I don’t believe in God.’ I would love to know if God exists. But it’s a very difficult thing for me to believe. I don’t know. It’s private and I don’t want to speak about it, but I say, if God exists, you don’t need [to cross yourself] or pray. If God exists, he’s intelligent enough to [do] the important things, the right things.”
        As for U.Toni, Jon Wertheim wrote in 2010:
        ¤¤ On the subject of religion, I once asked Uncle Toni about what role of faith plays in life. His response: “I don’t believe. I studied history in university. Religion comes from ignorance in people. Tribal societies, when they see a flash of lightning or something unusual, they say it come from the Magician. But when society move forward, and technology discover more, religion goes in the back. For me, is very important to be moral — to be good person. But not religion.” ¤¤

  13. Absolutely crazy stuff at Queen’s. So happy for Kokkinakis and Thompson, especially Kokkinakis!! He has been injured for way too long and it’s frustrating because of how talented he is and how high ranked he could’ve been by now if not for the injury. He still has tons of time though. Funnily, the only top four seed I picked to lose today won as Cilic routinely beat Isner. And Muller just lost 17-19 in the second set breaker to Basilashvili. I hope Muller finds a way to get the win still. He is pissed off lol!!

  14. Muller up a break in the third now hanging in despite the disappointment of losing the second set tiebreak. I picked him to make the QF over Tsonga but it’s gonna be tough now that he’s playing such a long match.

  15. Muller will be too tired to beat Tsonga, don’t forget he won a title on grass last week, so he has played a few matches already.

    • Oh I did forget that Muller won a title on grass last week. Thanks for the reminder.

      I think Cilic has a good shot here. It seems as though he’s playing well. I am not as sure about the state of Tsonga’s game.

  16. Tsonga is unpredictable though. Muller is steadier with his level in my opinion and most importantly he has the huge serve and volley game so he may not be as tired as most would in his situation. Probably more emotional fatigue than anything I guess.

  17. I’m so happy that Rafa will be seeded top four; just hope Fed is too so that Rafa doesn’t need to meet the big four guys until the SF should he reaches that far.

    BTW, I wonder what will be Cilic’s seeding at Wimbledon, just hope he’s not in Rafa’s quarter! Cilic looking scarily good on grass.

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