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  1. Huge win for Kiki Mladenovic taking out Garbine Muguruza. Good luck vs Bacsinszky! Allez Kiki!

    • Yes, it’s great to see her looking good and playing well. She’s got the crowd pulling for her. I don’t know much about her opponent. She beat Venus. But they say she’s playing well. I saw that she’s ranked 30, so getting to the quarterfinals is a good thing for her.

      But she will need nerves is steel to deal with the French crowd. I saw that Mugu shook her finger at the crowd as she walked off the. Purr after losing. Then the cheers turned to boos. The tennis channel commies said that the crowd was so intense in the latter part of the match that it seemed to get to Mugu.

      • It should read – nerves of steel. *

        Also Mugu shook her finger at the crowd as she walked off the court. *

      • Nny,

        Timea Bacsinszky has been top ten not too long ago. She’ll not be as affected by the crowd or as sensitive as Garbine at all. She has dropped in ranking due to a couple injuries – one was a wrist and I think the other an abdominal injury. She’s like a taller and better version of Barbora Strycova – lots of energy and a feisty competitor. She’s a crafty, creative shot-maker — very dangerous and she’s looking super-fit. Love Timea’s game but I hope Kiki can win again — Timea won’t make it easy!

        • rc,

          Thanks for the update on Timea. You are like an encyclopedia when it comes to women’s tennis!

          I think Kiki is in for a tough match!

      • Yeah Nny!…This French crowds reaction reminds me of the New York’s crowds when Roger played Novak a few years back..They’re very disrespectful and nasty…but the big difference was that Novak due to his experience and age,handled the NY crowds really well..he wisely turned the negative atmosphere to his advantage…just keep calm and focus on his game…and Voila!..he won in the end….

        But,Mugu is young and inexperienced…she will learn more and more as she’s matured bit by bit…for the last 12 months,she even can’t handle the pressure of being champion,let alone to handle the nasty crowds in Paris!…So,we’ll give her time…

        • MA,

          Very well said! You make a good analogy in bringing up that USO final with Novak and Fed in 2015. I was embarrassed for my fellow New Yorkers! But as you said, Novak had the maturity to handle it and use the negative energy to his advantage.

          Mugu has to learn to handle that kind of thing if she wants to stay at the top in this sport. That’s the way hometown fans react with one of their own. I understand why the French want one of their own to win!

          • Yeah Nny!!…Exactly!!…The WTA is still lucky IMO..because they don’t have a real ‘Darling’ in tennis…like Roger and Rafa on ATP…Sure,many people loves Serena or Maria….but i think her status as a Darling is not as impressive as those 2…so,it’s still easy to navigate your career in WTA..unlike on ATP…a players such as Novak and Andy take years to learn the art of how to manage the crowds wherever they go…God!I think the crowds at Wimby even divided 50 50 to Rog and Rafa when they’re both play Andy there…

          • Btw Nny!….Have u look on TDL Challenge?Woohohohoho!…You’re 2nd now Milady!!!Woohooo!!…This next few rounds will be crucial to u and Okay…He picked Cilic over anderson and if cilic win,he’ll get away with more points..Unfortunately u picked Nick,so u lost a point there..but,the difference,u picked wawa vs rafa in the final and okay picked Sascha…also,u picked Novak over Thiem but okay picked Thiem…hahaha….it’s going to be interesting for both of u Nny!!….I will support u all the way Milady!!Woohoo!..Go on,keep on climbing will u!!Never look back!!

          • Oh!.. rc and manwerty also maybe will have their own words on this!hahaha…It’s very close position for 3 of u…

  2. Muzz has become popular at Wimbly now but I think they supported Fed against Andy at Wimbly 2012. Maybe augusta can confirm this?

    • Yeah Mary…if we can know the real stats of how many fans support Roger and rafa,and how many fans support Andy at Wimby in detail..it’s interesting t know about this….

    • Mary (AT 2:29 AM),

      I know (I have read) that there have always been issues between Scottish and English people and the latter have hated Murray for saying that he would “support whoever England is playing” at the 2006 World Cup (football).

      But Brits supported Andy against Fed at the London 2012 Olympics. 🙂

  3. Also at US Open ( which year I do not remember), the crowd supported Clijsters against Serena. In fact till recently, I think Serena wasn’t popular at USO. However, as far as I know, the French crowd always supports its home players and also Fed who they see as closest to French ( French is one of the national and official languages of Switzerland and Fed speaks French fluently)

  4. Although the French will more likely support Kiki, Timea’s native language is also French as she hails from Lausanne which is the French speaking part of Switzerland. So I think the crowd will not be hostile to her.

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