French Open full tournament picks

First round
Murray over Kuznetsov in 4, Klizan over Lokoli in 4
Almagro over Baghdatis in 3, Del Potro over Pella in 5
Isner over Thompson in 4, Lorenzi over Berankis in 3
Khachanov over Jarry in 3, Berdych over Struff in 3
A. Zverev over Verdasco in 4, Herbert over Donaldson in 5
Dzumhur over Kicker in 5, Cuevas over Hamou in 3
Chung over Querrey in 5, Escobedo over Istomin in 4
Chardy over Albot in 3, Nishikori over Kokkinakis in 3

Wawrinka over Kovalik in 3, Berlocq over Dolgopolov in 4
Seppi over Giraldo in 5, Tiafoe over Fognini in 4
Gasquet over De Greef in 3, Gabashvili over Estrella Burgos in 5
Monteiro over A. Muller in 3, Monfils over Brown in 4
Tsonga over Olivo in 3, Edmund over Elias in 4
Anderson over Jaziri in 4, Kohlschreiber over Kyrgios in 5
Ferrer over Young in 3, Lopez over Fratangelo in 4
Delbonis over Kravchuk in 3, Cilic over Gulbis in 3

Raonic over Darcis in 3, Dutra Silva over Youzhny in 4
Trungelliti over Halys in 5, G. Muller over Garcia-Lopez in 4
Carreno Busta over Mayer in 3, Daniel over Janowicz in 4
Evans over Robredo in 5, Dimitrov over Robert in 3
Sock over Vesely in 4, Bedene over Harrison in 4
Kukushkin over Sandgren in 5, Bautista Agut over Millman in 3
Simon over Basilashvili in 4, Troicki over Donskoy in 4
Haase over De Minaur in 4, Nadal over Paire in 3

Thiem over Tomic in 3, Bolelli over Mahut in 5
Coric over Bourgue in 4, Johnson over Sugita in 4
Karlovic over Tsitsipas in 5, Zeballos over Mannarino in 5
Stakhovsky over Lu in 5, Goffin over Mathieu in 3
Pouille over Benneteau in 4, Bellucci over Lajovic in 4
Medvedev over Bonzi in 3, Ramos-Vinolas over Copil in 4
M. Zverev over Napolitano in 3, Schwartzman over Rublev in 3
Sousa over Tipsarevic in 3, Djokovic over Granollers in 3

Second round
Klizan over Murray in 5
Del Potro over Almagro in 4
Isner over Lorenzi in 4
Berdych over Khachanov in 4
A. Zverev over Herbert in 3
Cuevas over Dzumhur in 3
Chung over Escobedo in 4
Nishikori over Chardy in 3

Wawrinka over Berlocq in 3
Seppi over Tiafoe in 5
Gasquet over Gabashvili in 3
Monfils over Monteiro in 5
Tsonga over Edmund in 4
Kohlschreiber over Anderson in 4
Ferrer over Lopez in 4
Delbonis over Cilic in 5

Raonic over Dutra Silva in 3
Trungelliti over G. Muller in 5
Carreno Busta over Daniel in 3
Dimitrov over Evans in 3
Sock over Bedene in 4
Bautista Agut over Kukushkin in 3
Simon over Troicki in 5
Nadal over Haase in 3

Thiem over Bolelli in 3
Coric over Johnson in 5
Zeballos over Karlovic in 5
Goffin over Stakhovsky in 3
Pouille over Bellucci in 4
Ramos-Vinolas over Medvedev in 3
Schwartzman over M. Zverev in 4
Djokovic over Sousa in 4

Third round
Klizan over Del Potro in 4
Berdych over Isner in 4
A. Zverev over Cuevas in 4
Nishikori over Chung in 5

Wawrinka over Seppi in 3
Gasquet over Monfils in 5
Tsonga over Kohlschreiber in 4
Delbonis over Ferrer in 4

Raonic over Trungelliti in 3
Carreno Busta over Dimitrov in 4
Sock over Bautista Agut in 4
Nadal over Simon in 3

Thiem over Coric in 3
Goffin over Zeballos in 4
Ramos-Vinolas over Pouille in 4
Djokovic over Schwartzman in 4

Fourth round
Berdych over Klizan in 4
A. Zverev over Nishikori in 4
Wawrinka over Gasquet in 4
Tsonga over Delbonis in 3

Carreno Busta over Raonic in 4
Nadal over Sock in 3
Thiem over Goffin in 4
Djokovic over Ramos-Vinolas in 4

A. Zverev over Berdych in 4
Wawrinka over Tsonga in 4

Nadal over Carreno Busta in 3
Djokovic over Thiem in 4

Wawrinka over A. Zverev in 5
Nadal over Djokovic in 3

Nadal over Wawrinka in 4

86 Comments on French Open full tournament picks

  1. Phillipe Chatrier kind of magnifies Rafa’s presence on the court. It is such a big court and with Rafa’s court coverage, it must be daunting for the opponents. Rafa understands the dimensions of this court better than anyone.

  2. Beautiful dance from Rafa! Love his forehead winners! Most of his winners are pure piece of art!

    Vamos Champ!

  3. Haase is playing really well. He had 11 winners to 7 UE in the second set and he is serving pretty well. He is only trailing because Rafa is playing at a very high level.

  4. On a separate note, Federer has now received 22 votes to win the French Open in the poll set by Ricky. lol

  5. This is probably the best I have seen him hit his forehand in quite a while! He is so comfortable today. Yes, it is true that when an opponent attacks his forehand well, then that’s a different test. But in terms of consistency, variation and penetration, I would say he is hitting is extremely well.

      • Na NNY, don’t worry about that. It is good that he is playing this well early on. He needs to straight-set his opponents till the semis and have a full tank before he faces the best players.

        And, I wouldn’t say he has peaked already. There are still areas he can can improve and he will keep making incremental improvements.

        • vr,

          Thanks! I feel better! I trust your judgment when it comes to Rafa! I just think too much at times!

          Another brilliant cc backhand winner from Rafa!

  6. Rafa perhaps has the most offensive backhand CC on clay when he is in peak form. I would say it is the best CC backhand when he is hitting it this well! He can slaughter sliced balls as well.

    So, Rafole win their matches with exactly the same scoreline! haha

    Rafa’s opponent played a lot better though. I would give Rafa 9.5/10 and 8/10 to Djokovic.

  7. Rafa won a STAGGERING 85% points on second serves! His second serve is SO much better now.

  8. In th this form he is such a joy to watch. I liked Haase’s good natured humour. He was resigned to losing but kept on trying. Just the kind of workout Rafa needs in the first week.

  9. Yes I agree; Rafa playing like this is certainly a joy to watch!

    Haase trying to moon ball a bit to give Rafa a different look, probably running out of ideas when Rafa is in such mood. It’s good to see Haase never giving up and keeps trying till the end of the match, very good attitude.

    • It is a pleasure to see Rafa playing so well. I also noticed in closeups that Rafa’s got that look in his eyes! Fierce determination!

      I love seeing Rafa so sure of hImself, with such clarity of thought in how he is constructing points!

      Haase just had no answers for this Rafa! The confidence is just flowing out of Rafa!

  10. All the top 4 seeds would have played one 1 match on Suzanne Lenglen by Thu. The rest of the matches from Friday onwards would have Rafa only on PC. Rafa is very comfortable on PC and uses the court’s dimensions very well. I think they gave him SL on the first day as he is the least likely among the big 3 to crash out in R1 so PC ticket holders would still have the opportunity to watch their idol in action in the next match!

  11. My daughter has got tickets for us on PC court on Tuesday for the QFs. Have worked out, if all goes we well, will see Rafa that day but would be interested to know people’s prediction as to who he is likely to be up against.

    • I have Rafa up against Raonic in the QF – in my main FO bracket, and Dimitrov in my spare bracket. Must have been leaning toward Raonic because he has GGL and I though he’d outlast the winner of Dimitrov vs PCB, which feels like it could be a 5 set marathon.

      Might be Rafa v PCB QF. Nice.

      • I have Rafa meeting Raonic in the quarterfinals if I didn’t change it. I was not sure enough about either Dimi or PCB. But that does not mean I am right!

  12. Thanks NNY and RC. Would prefer Dimi or PCB – Raonic drives me nuts: forgive the cliche but watching him is akin to watching paint dry.

    • ed,

      You will get no argument from me regarding Raonic! I will say that he has worked hard to be a complete player, but it’s still all about that serve and then a big forehand. He doesn’t get very animated out there.

      I would prefer either Dimi or PCB as a tennis fan because there would be more long rallies and the tennis would be more enjoyable.

      You must be so excited to see Rafa!

  13. A good day for the Spaniards; if I’m not wrong, all but one of them (Robredo) get through to R3 – Rafa, GGL, PCB, ARV, RBA.

    Tomorrow, there’ll be at least one more who will get to R3 – either Ferrer or Feli.

    • I saw the last of RBA’s match with Kuku. He really had to battle it out for that one!

      But it’s nice to know that the Spanish players have done well.

  14. Nny!…Me and u got a No1 and No2 respectively on TDL…but from the bottom that is!!!…Hehehehe..kpuppy and rc awesome at the top….

    • MA,

      I know that I am doing poorly in the bracket challenge. I wish now that I had gone back and revised some of my picks for the men. I expect to do poorly with the WTA bracket. But I usually do pretty well with the ATP. Not this time!

      All I want is for Rafa to win! Then I won’t care about anything else!

      • Same for me NNY. Worst first round slam picks I think I’ve ever had. After probably my best ever in Melbourne. For crying out loud I was literally like top 5 in the world after Melbourne round one and now I’m a solid millionth or so lol. I blame the clay. I hate playing on it so I hate picking on it??

        • Benny,

          I just saw your reply! At least I am not the only one! You know your tennis, too! As I think I do! But I guess it’s just the law of averages catching up!

      • Nny!…Ohh!!..That’s okay!..don’t be too upset k?Remember,we join this just to have fun and not just testing our tennis skills..even though it’s feeling really great if we’re end up at the top,but if not…we can always try another time,right Nny?..There’s plenty of chance at the front…Okay?

        Besides,i doubt we would pick another name other than what we’re already choose…We submitted our Bracket when we felt that we’re satisfied with our picked,right?Nny..if we look at our Bracket,some of the picked that we lose was out of our control..such as Sascha,Tsonga,Delbonis,Sock,Simon,Mahut,Mischa,Medvedev,Almagro…Next time,we can discuss what we should pick and what’s not okay?

        • MA,

          Thanks! I will be fine! It’s just for fun! Can’t win ’em all!

          Those players who lost make up quite a list! Even though I did not think Zverev would go really deep, I did not think he would go out in the first round either. So that was a pick that I did intend to correct. I have gone back and changed a few after thinking about it. Not many, but sometimes I did think better of it. But most of my picks I have to stand by. If I am wrong, then that’s the way it goes.

          Heaven help me if I ever start taking myself or my picks in the bracket too seriously!

  15. I like clay court tennis when there’s mixture of defense and attacks, both shorter points and long rallies; not when there’s only long rallies after long rallies like it’s being played in the past traditionally.

    I think the clay courts are playing quicker these days, and so there are shorter rallies > longer rallies these days (looking at the stats).

    I don’t like clay court tennis to become like HC or even grass court tennis; neither do I want to see long rallies after long rallies when neither player knows how to end the points sooner. A balance of defense and attacks, and a balance of long and short points is the best going forward, on clay.

    • Completely agree with you. I love modern variable claycourt tennis. I can still remember how boring it often was a few decades ago with endless rallyes and moon balls. But so was Wimbledon! Nothing against the individual players, but some of the worst tennis at Wimby was produced by Sampras and Ivanisevic and players with a similar style. I like that nowadays players with very different styles have chances on all surfaces. Guga Kürten was one of the pioneers in that respect. While he never made it beyond the quarters in other slams, he was nevertheless quite successful beyond the red dirt. He even managed to go toe to toe with the likes of Sampras, Agassi and Safin on hardcourt, and won the Year End Championship (at the time in Lissabon) beating them all and snatching away the year-end No 1 position from Safin. Unfortunately his tall, thin and lanky frame gave in far too soon and ended his career when he was still quite young 🙁

      • I didn’t want to imply that Sampras, Ivanisevic, Becker and others played bad tennis. They were brilliant players, but especially on grass their brand of tennis often was as unwatchable as the tennis of the dirtball specialists of previous areas.

        • Murray is out of sorts again as Klizan is up a break in the fourth set.

          He was complaining to the chair umpire about a bad call. But Klizan took a page out of Fog’s book by drop shorting him a few times.

          Andy needs to calm down and get it together.

        • I agree with you that as great as those players were, it got boring watching two of them playing each other. However, watching someone like Agassi play against those big serving grass guys was awesome because of the contrast in styles.

    • MA,

      Okay, I found it! Nice to read thoughts from Tim Herman on Rafa’s quest for La Decima!

      I agree with him!

      Thanks again!

      • Nny!…’re welcome once again!!Goodnight to u Nny!!Have a sweetest dream okay?

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