Raonic out of Indian Wells, Del Potro seeded

Milos Raonic pulled out of the BNP Paribas Open on Monday because of a hamstring injury. The oft-injured Canadian’s participation at the Masters 1000 event in Indian Wells had been in doubt ever since he withdrew from last month’s Delray Beach title match against Jack Sock.

Raonic finished runner-up to Novak Djokovic last year, so the world No. 5 will fall at least one spot to sixth after the tournament ends.

Raonic’s withdrawal means Juan Martin Del Potro will be seeded in the desert. Del Potro was in line to be the top-ranked unseeded player in the field, and thus would have been forced to play a first-round match on either Thursday or Friday. The Argentine, ranked 35th, now owns the No. 32 seed thanks to the absences of Raonic, David Ferrer, and Gilles Simon.

Dmitry Tursunov will move from qualifying into the main draw thanks to the Raonic development.

In addition to the withdrawals of Raonic, Ferrer, and Simon, Marcos Baghdatis, Nicolas Almagro, Florian Mayer, Steve Darcis, and Paul-Henri are also out. Alternates who have become direct entrants as a result are Tursunov, Renzo Olivo, Kevin Anderson, Guido Pella, Ryan Harrison, Thiago Monteiro, Donald Young, and Konstantin Kravchuk.

50 Comments on Raonic out of Indian Wells, Del Potro seeded

  1. Poor Milos…his career is jeopardized with him often being injured…it must be difficult to cope both for him and his fans..,unfortunately we Rafans have had a great deal of those and we know how painful it is to have your favorite player out of the competition due to injuries…Get well soon Milos! Same for others who are not participating…

    • Couldn’t agree more! But lots of players are frequently injured. Kei Nishikori, Tsonga, Monfils, Simon, the list goes on. Why is it only Rafa that gets blamed for his injuries?

      • Ramara (AT 11:52 AM) says: “Why is it only Rafa that gets blamed for his injuries?”

        Because Fedlovers (journalists included) have hated Rafa since he started to beat the beloved one.

  2. Why does Federer hardly ever get injured? Because he relies on sheer talent and artistry rather than physicality.

    • Nah, he had his injuries – in 2005, 2008,2009, 2010, 2013, 2016…,

      Don’t get fooled by him and his fervent followers. It’s just that he skipped tournaments to rest and recover, smart moves I would say.

      • luckystar (AT 1:09 PM),

        Fed has withdrawn from a lot of tournaments due to his physical problems, but Fedlovers (who are campaigning for him) have always called it ‘smart scheduling’.

        • Well it is smart scheduling when he has played 60+ consecutive grand slams!! It is exactly what smart scheduling is…

          • AT 2:05 PM,

            Conclusion: Raonic’s withdrawals from the Delray Beach final, Acapulco, Indian Wells = smart scheduling. Yey!

            • sorry what? not every withdrawal is smart scheduling!! lol. Smart scheduling is about avoiding risks and making sure you are in your best condition for the slams. Prioritising is key. Raonic’s injuries are recurring so wouldn’t make sense to risk his body at all.

            • AT 6:56 PM says. “not every withdrawal is smart scheduling!”

              Yep, only Fed’s withdrawals have been ‘smart scheduling’ in the eyes of Fedlovers.

            • I knew your reply won’t make sense lol. I am not a fed lover but yeah, his scheduling has been really smart. NOT every withdrawal is smart scheduling but you can tell when a withdrawal is smart scheduling. For e.g. Rafa’s withdrawal from Rotterdam was smart! His 2009 Rotterdam venture was silly!

          • I am more impressed with Djoko to be honest, where not missing any slam is concerned. He has now played in 49 consecutive slams despite his breathing problems earlier on, gluten allergy and then his grueling schedule and grinding style now and with all the wins that he has.

            I would like Djoko to challenge Fed where longevity and health and fitness are concerned, just to prove that Rafa’s/ Djoko’s style of play is sustainable and proves their detractors ( mainly the Fed fervent followers) wrong.

            Rafa has his congenital foot issue, I would think his style of play is sustainable, by him without the foot issue, as he’s one of the fittest and strongest guy around. I mean who can hit that crazy whiplash FH over and over again for so long without his arm falling off?

            • yes, it really is insane. Luck+smart scheduling+ style of play. He himself once commented on the ‘secret’ to his longevity. Don’t remember the exact words but I remember he said that he gives a lot of credit to his team and manager for helping him decide his schedule. He talked about his style of play but then said he considers himself really lucky not to get injured that much. So, he gave a lot of weight to luck as well.

              16.5 years is just mind-blowing.

            • If Djoko still has the desire to carry on, I won’t be surprised that he can play till 2022 at age 35 without missing any slam!

              Djoko said he’s good enough to play till 40! So it boils down to desire to carry on. Djoko already has his 28 consecutive slam QF, streak broken at Wimbledon last year (Fed’s 36 consecutive slam QFs).

  3. Pity about Raonic,he could have won IW.In fact,was injured in last year’s final after playing really well to get there.

  4. Sorry meant not specifically Federer, sure he doesnt hardly get injured due to his style of play, and good for him, my issue was the double standards regarding Nadals and everyone elses injuries ….

  5. Personally happy Raonic is out. Gives Del Po a seeding and overall gives more guys a chance at a deep run plus I’ve never been a big fan of Raonic. Don’t really like or dislike him. He does have a great game though. I feel bad for him getting injured so much.

  6. Respectfully, I don’t think I can ever say that I’ve been happy about any player being out due to injury, regardless of whether I like them or not.

    Hate to see these guys, especially like Raonic who is chronically injured, not able to compete for something that they’ve worked to achieve since a very early age.

      • I finally took the plunge and added you to my twitter feed.

        Hey, if it’s good enough for Tracey Austin.

        We gonna see, for sure, no?

        Props on your Tursunov joke. That was funny.

    • I have to agree with these sentiments. I never want to see any player have to withdraw from a tournament due to injury. I am not a fan of Raonic, but that really doesn’t enter into the issue of him dealing with another injury. I am sorry to see this happen and hope he makes a speedy recovery.

    • Absolutely. I despise the “haters” who wish injuries on the players they fear. So different from the players themselves. They look forward to competing against anyone. They live to measure themselves against the best.

  7. Very bad luck. Hamstring injuries are the pits and can take forever to heal. Get well soon Milos, Gilles, and the others having to pull out due to injury or illness.

    On the other hand, this does open up a nice opportunity for Delpo and others.

  8. Sorry I wasn’t saying I was like YES when Raonic got injured. I just am glad that Del Po is now seeded and guys like Roger and Rafa have a threat like Raonic out of their paths possibly. I definitely don’t like to see players get injured. Hope Raonic recovers soon.

  9. Djokovic, Nadal and Federer in the same quarter.

    Nadal – Federer potential 4rth round, then the winner could get Djokovic.


  10. RT:
    #Nadal will make his debut in #IndianWells against the winner of the match between García López & Guido Pella.

  11. Tennis TV‏Verified account @TennisTV 11m11 minutes ago
    .@BNPPARIBASOPEN projected QFs:
    ??Murray v Tsonga??
    ??Wawrinka v Thiem??
    ??Cilic v Nishikori??
    ??Nadal v Djokovic??

  12. RT:

    #Nadal draw in #IndianWells:

    R2 Gª López or Pella
    R3 Verdasco
    R4 Federer
    QF Djokovic
    SF Cilic or Nishikori
    Top half: Murray & Wawrinka

  13. Nadal, Nole, Fed, Kyrgios, Zverev and Delpo all in the Tsame quarter LOL.

    Nole vs Delpo in 3rd round projected.

    Djokovic-Del Potro

  14. Djoko not gonna get through this field IMO:

    Djokovic’s projected #BNPPO17 Draw
    R1 – BYE
    R2 – Edmund
    R3 – A.Zverev
    R4 – Kyrgios
    QF – Nadal/Federer
    SF – Nishikori
    F – Murray

    • Correction:

      Djokovic’s projected #BNPPO17 Draw
      R1 – BYE
      R2 – Edmund
      R3 – J,M, Del Potro
      R4 – Kyrgios/Zverev
      QF – Nadal/Federer
      SF – Nishikori
      F – Murray

  15. Murray’s IW to lose but has snever won there and hasn’t made the final since 2009…

    R1 – BYE
    R2 – Lu/Q
    R3 – Lopez
    R4 – Bautista-Agut
    QF – Tsonga
    SF – Wawrinka
    F – Djokovic

  16. Who ever makes it through that bottom half will have earned it. it’ll be like watching a bunch of final matches. Sure makes it interesting!

  17. SATURDAY (Top):
    Murray, Wawrinka, Thiem

    SUNDAY (Bottom):
    Nadal, Djokovic, Federer, Del Potro

    The Federer-Nadal 4R match here would be their earliest meeting since…

    Miami 2004, their first of 35 meetings

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