Djokovic takes wild card to join Nadal next week in Acapulco

Novak Djokovic is making an unexpected appearance in between the Australian Open and the Indian Wells Masters, and it will come at next week’s Abierto Mexicano Telcel in Acapulco. Djokovic announced on Thursday that he has accepted a late wild card into the 500-point event.

The Acapulco field already featured Rafael Nadal, Juan Martin Del Potro, Milos Raonic, Marin Cilic, David Goffin Nick Kyrgios, John Isner, Jack Sock, and defending champion Dominic Thiem. It’s safe to say that Thiem’s title defense is going to be difficult–and even more taxing now that Djokovic is part of the festivities.

“This is great news for the tournament,” director Raul Zurutuza said of Djokovic’s wild card. “We’re very pleased to have the world No. 2 in the Acapulco field. The public will be very happy and we’re treating it like a big party. Novak and Rafa are two great players that give very important value to the tournament. Also having Raonic, Del Potro and Goffin in the field will make this a great event.”

Other entrants include Ivo Karlovic, Gilles Simon, Bernard Tomic, Feliciano Lopez, Mischa Zverev, and Borna Coric.

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  1. I know Nole and other players like Thiem,Milos,Marin will have a chance here compared to Rafa but i think i will stick with Rafa[haha,it sounds crazy but hey,tennis are crazy and unpredictable nowadays!]…

  2. Rafa. Rafa can beat any one of them, unless the formidable Djoko turns up to play. Djoko at his best > Rafa at his best on HCs. The thing is Djoko is clearly not at his best and he won’t suddenly be at his best again, at least not so soon.

    • Indeed, Rafa ftw in Acapulco.
      Nole might go deep but he’s probably rusty and I’m not confident of his focus.

      • Rafa could win but honestly there is so much tough competition in that field I wouldn’t bet on him winning. He could even go out early to someone like Del Po. The draw is so stacked I have a feeling neither Nole or Rafa will win. Raonic Kyrgios Cilic Thiem Del Po are all worthy contenders for the title as well. That will be a very interesting event. Can’t wait to see the draw. Also this next week we have Dubai which I will be just as invested in because Fed and Stan will be there lol.

  3. I know Ali but Acapulco is a hardcourt for the last 2 years and our Rafa is not won on HC for over 2 years now…he last won on HC in Doha 2014…and AO was the first HC final for him and like i said…maybe there’s going to be upsets to the other hardcourt specialists with Nole also not consistant with his form nowadays and maybe with the help of the draw…Rafa will won?Who knows Ali…VAMOS RAFA!!

  4. I’m curious to know your opinions on something- Do you think Rafa is more or less vulnerable in best-of-three matches compared to best-of-five? I’m curious about this because even though he played a pretty high level in Australia, he technically would have gone out in the 3rd round to Zverev if it had been a best-of-three tournament. I wonder if in best-of-three he could be more vulnerable to get beat by a more high-powered player (i.e. Zverev), whereas if he faces those types of players in a best-of-five match he can rely on his ability to out-grind them over four or five sets. I think that if he plays at the level he played at in Australia, he ABSOLUTELY has a good shot at winning the title in Acapulco… I just wonder if his being 2 sets to 1 down against Zverev has any relevance when thinking about his chances in best-of-three hardcourt tournaments. Thoughts?

    • Kevin…I agree with u…Honestly,IMO..he’s more vulnerable in BO3 nowadays..also,if Alex didn’t choked on the net cord at IW last year,rafa already was out at the hands of Alex…also at AO this year…i think if it’s in 3 sets…Alex maybe already win against rafa…As much as i hate to admit it but rafa a little bit fragile and vulnerable in BO3…but all that’s before he go deep at AO…let’s see whether we can see any difference in his game or mentality in Acapulco…The biggest rafa’s enemy is himself…if he feel very confident,he can beat anyone whether it’s BO3 or he showed us against Milos…VAMOS RAFA!!!Wooohoo!!

      • Mira Andi,

        I am enjoying reading your comments in this discussion! It is so true that Rafa’s biggest enemy has been himself. Confidence is key for Rafa. During his struggles, especially in 2015, Rafa was his biggest enemy in Bof3 and Bof5 matches!

        I think that it may be true that the top players maybe easier to take down in a Bof3 match, for Rafa it got to a point where it really didn’t matter. The 2015 USO loss to Fog after being up two sets is a perfect example. Rafa had never lost a slam match when up two sets. To Fog of all people!

    • Ali…no need to be sorry sis…Acapulco has turned to a HC for only 2 years now…that’s why Rafa chose to play in Rio[clay]last year…This is the first time he chose to play in Acapulco on HC…maybe he’s serious to challenge for the title in IW or Miami…

      • Mira Andi,

        Really well said! I hope that you are right about Rafa being serious for IW and Miami.

        I am anxious to see how Rafa looks after his great run at the AO.

        • Nny!!!IT’S REALLY REALLY GOOD TO MY SOUL TO READ YOUR POST NNY!!he he…First of all…how r u?Hope you’re fine,happy,healthy and ready to see Rafa in ACTION!!!Wooohooo!!

          Nny…For the last 2 years,i would say every players[not only Novak who’s brilliantly capitalize rafa’s slumping form by added 6 slams]…I also would say..LUCKY THEM!Since rafa injured his back at AO in 2014,everything start to fall apart for rafa…his serve was more slower than serena!and became a liability for him,and every players feasted and gained free points from rafa serves…and not only that,i think his injured back also unable him to generate his famous FH…and we all know that rafa depend so much to his FH…he immobilize his opponent with his FH[other than his grinding style that is]…and when his FH was missing,then goes his confidence as well..

          Nny…IMO,Fognini,Verdasco,Pouille,Bratty Nick,Dustin Brown,and many other’s HAPPENED because they’re smart to capitalize rafa when rafa at his lowest due to injury physically and mentally…I would say LUCKY THEM indeed!Not to discredit them NO!!…i applaud their will power and mental strength when dealing with rafa at that time…even injured,rafa was sure still give them trouble..and that’s why we saw the winners from Fognini and verdasco was 90 and 70’s due to the “Do or die”tennis that they’re both applied because they know,that’s the only way to win against rafa…rafa who’s i safely say only played with and one arm and half of his brain at that time…their H2H is soooo one sided that they’re maybe thinking “Do it now,or maybe you don’t have a chance anymore”…and yeah..the rest is history…and boy!What a win they had!!Credit to them!..

          BUT…Nny…Our rafa start to show his old self[pre AO 14]…and watchout Fog and Verdasco and other’s!!…He made a BIG statement when he reached final at AO Nny…and i think his past destroyer start to look for another plan how to beat this renewed rafa!!!Wooohooo!!VAMOS RAFA!!!

  5. Oppss..i forgot to add..he maybe a little bit rusty for the couple of the first match and honestly i think this is his most vulnerable…i just hope he didn’t get a big server for his 1st match…it could be dangerous for him…

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