Uncle Toni says 2017 will be his last season coaching Nadal

The dynamic Nadal family duo is coming to an end.

This 2017 campaign will mark the last one in which Toni Nadal will be a full-time traveling coach of his nephew, Rafael Nadal. Tonu announced the decision in an interview with Il Tennis Italiano website, during which he said that there is no animosity in Camp Nadal but that the situation has changed with new coach Carlos Moya on the team.

“The relationship with my nephew has always been excellent,” Toni assured. “In all these years we have never had periods of crisis. (But) the truth is that every year I am making fewer decisions, to the point that I won’t be deciding anything anymore.”

In 12 seasons with Uncle Toni as his primary coach, Nadal has won 14 Grand Slam titles. The former world No. 1 hired Moya last fall and Moya will presumably remain on board when Toni starts devoting most of his time in 2018 to the Rafael Nadal Tennis Academy in Mallorca, Spain.

Nadal has not played since losing a five-set Australian Open final to Roger Federer. Citing a need for more rest, he recently withdrew from this week’s ABN AMRO World Tennis Tournament in Rotterdam.

4 Comments on Uncle Toni says 2017 will be his last season coaching Nadal

  1. I haven’t seen in any articles I have read Toni saying that “the situation has changed with new coach Carlos Moya on the team.”

    That’s what I have read:
    “…But until he was 17 I decided everything, then the agent Carlos Costa came, his father got closer and everybody had his own opinion. And the truth is that every year I decide even less, until the point that I won´t decide anything anymore!”

  2. Can’t wait to see the upcoming result from this new partnership…There’s so many question lingered in mind..can Moya bring the best out of Rafa?What new tactics they will work out?Can moya bring back the aggressiveness in rafa’s game?Urgh!!It’s soooo exciting to see rafa will go on court knowing there’s a fresh ideas in his head…fresh ideas that means a new belief..and who knows belief is all he needs to spark a fire in his belly!VAMOS RAFA!!

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