Epic Australian Open capped off with Federer winning No. 18 over Nadal

It was a fitting end to an epic 2017 Australian Open.

And it was so good, in fact, that the winner said during the trophy ceremony that he would have been happy if it had ended in a tie–or even a loss.

But without any exceptions, tennis matches and tennis tournaments can only end well for one player, and that one player on Sunday night in Melbourne was Roger Federer. Federer’s third five-set victory of the fortnight gave him Grand Slam title No. 18 and Aussie Open title No. 5, which he clinched by outlasting long-time rival Rafael Nadal 6-4, 3-6, 6-1, 3-6, 6-3 after three hours and 37 minutes.

Although the fifth proved to be a nail-biting thriller that was nowhere close to being decided until the final shot was shown to be in, no set was particularly competitive in terms of the scoreline. Federer took control in the first, breaking for 4-3 and holding his next two service games with the loss of just one point. Nadal hit back in the second, seizing a 4-0 lead before mostly cruising from there despite giving one of the breaks back. The two former world No. 1s took turns gaining the upper hand in the third and fourth, as well, with Federer once again inching ahead only to see Nadal respond in emphatic fashion.

That paved the way to a dramatic decider, which lasted only nine games but packed an unforgettable punch in a short amount of time.

Nadal delivered the first blow, but it was not enough to knock Federer out. After dropping his initial service game to fall behind 1-0 and then 2-0, the Swiss eventually broke back to get on level terms at 3-3. That ignited a streak of five straight games in Federer’s favor after he trailed 3-1. His second break of the set came in an incredible game with Nadal serving at 3-4, which ended when Federer forced the Spaniard into an error with a perfect cross-court forehand return.

The 35-year-old served thing out in clutch fashion one game later, but not before fighting back from a 15-40 deficit. Federer eventually converted his second championship point with a forehand winner off the sideline that Nadal unsuccessfully challenged.


“I kept on fighting,” Federer explained. “I kept on believing–like I did all match long today–that there was a possibility I could win this match. I think that’s what made me play my best tennis at the very end.”

“I think [it was] a great match,” Nadal assured. “I enjoyed to be part of it. I fought to try to have the trophy with me. I had some chances in the fifth with (a) break up. But (it) is true that after I had the break, he played very aggressive, hitting a lot of great shots. So (it) was tough to hold the serve every time.”

Holding serve every time is what Nadal managed to do in his fifth set against Grigor Dimitrov on Friday, but the Spaniard had to save three break points in two different service games in order for his lone break of the Bulgarian to be enough. Nadal survived two deuces, as well, while serving out the semifinal match at 5-4. Speaking of five-setters, Federer also went the distance in his semifinal against Stan Wawrinka and Novak Djokovic bowed out of the tournament in a five-set, second-round stunner against Denis Istomin.

All of it set the stage for the icing on the cake, the 35th chapter of arguably tennis’ best-ever rivalry.

“It remains for me the ultimate challenge to play against him,” Federer said of Nadal. “So it’s definitely very special. I said that also before the finals: if I were to win against Rafa, it would be super special and very sweet because I haven’t beaten him in a Grand Slam final for a long, long time now. Last time I guess was 2007 at Wimbledon in a five-setter. Now I was able to do it again.

“Like I said on the court, it would have been nice for both of us to win, but there’s no draws in tennis. It’s brutal sometimes.”

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  1. Hawkeye’s Genius 2017 AO Prediction – A Retrospective By Fan Postings on TG
    Many had scoffed…
    (written by: Hawkeye aka Hawkstradamus)

    hawkeye63 DECEMBER 22, 2016 AT 5:27 PM
    Looking forward to the AO GrandStand pool.
    My next win will be historic.

    hawkeye63 DECEMBER 22, 2016 AT 4:34 PM
    nah, wait until you see Fed’s draw for AO.
    He’ll play himself into shape.

    ratcliff10 DECEMBER 22, 2016 AT 1:24 PM
    LOL…Paunchy Fed trying to talk so much — huffing, puffing, growling…other animal sound effects. He needs more cardio…and oxygen. Gilles Simon, Kei Nishikori and David Goffin will run circles around him.

    ratcliff10 DECEMBER 22, 2016 AT 4:21 PM
    He’s so fat…I’ve never seen Rafa that paunchy.
    He’s got two weeks to transform himself. I wouldn’t pick him deep at Hopman Cup, let alone AO hahahahaha

    ratcliff10 DECEMBER 22, 2016 AT 5:36 PM
    I’m gonna laugh at you if you pick Federer
    Can’t wait.

    luckystar JANUARY 17, 2017 AT 2:28 PM
    I’m with you about Fed. Fed is not half a step slow but a full step slow! If it’s Klizan that Fed was playing, Fed would have lost. I’ll be surprised if he picks up his form soon. I have him losing to Berdych in R3.

    Mary JANUARY 15, 2017 AT 3:52 PM
    Fed fans really think Fed can win this tournament? Like Ricky sometimes does, I would like to make a one word response:

    on Nativenewyorker JANUARY 15, 2017 AT 4:34 PM
    I must confess to being surprised at this idea that Fed can make a serious run here.

    ratcliff JANUARY 15, 2017 AT 7:09 PM
    I’ll have to see it to believe it about Fed, Hawk. Can’t see him making past Berdych in a Bo5.

    Laura JANUARY 15, 2017 AT 11:34 AM
    Nishikori won’t give Fed that much trouble as he’s not in form right now but Murray IS and will probably take Fed down in the quarters. I don’t think that Fed has the conditioning quite yet and has more chance at Wimbledon this year….

    Ricky JANUARY 15, 2017 AT 2:00 PM

    Alison Hodge JANUARY 15, 2017 AT 2:20 PM
    I Picked Berdych to knock Federer out, hes done it twice at GS, both W and USO, TB seems to relish playing Federer and is not intimidated by him

    hawkeye63 JANUARY 15, 2017 AT 6:58 PM
    I think it’s more wide open than it’s been since The Big Four began. Murray has never won it so he’s not a given. Nole’s been in space for the last seven months. Rafa’s Rafa. CB is CB. Raonic has a chance. And Fed is in the running because of that, his confidence, draw and preferred scheduling. Plus the courts are playing faster.

    hawkeye63 JANUARY 14, 2017 AT 5:48 PM
    Preferred scheduling for Fed with mostly night matches and two days off before the final as predicted should catapult him to his first slam win in five years.

    hawkeye63 JANUARY 13, 2017 AT 3:15 AM
    Guaranteed qualifiers in first two rounds followed by Berdych and an injured nishi.
    He owns Murray who he could meet in quarters assuming murray makes it.
    Seems AO wants to see ol Roger go deep as predicted.
    Hawkstradamus is hereby giving Roger the nod to find a way to win his 18th.


      • I guess the point I want to make is that you have been wrong in the past when it came to predicting Fed beating Novak in the 2015 Wimbledon and USO finals. I remember because I predicted that Novak would beat Fed both times. You didn’t spare my feelings as you ridiculed my prediction in both instances. It got to the point where we had it out. Then you apologized. However, I did not take that opportunity to post a self-indulgent comment pointing out how I was right, while reposting all of the mocking and mean-spirited comments you made making fun of me. I don’t need that kind of ego gratification. at the expense of someone else. If my ego and self-worth depended on being right about a tennis match, then I would consider myself in big trouble.

        I was also wrong about my prediction for huwfar Rafa would go at the AO. Not knowing where Rafa was at Ruth his form after taking some time off and with not much match play, I thought Rafa getting to the quarterfinals would be a good result. I was happy that he proved me wrong.

        Regarding Fed, I thought coming back after six months off and not knowing what kind of form he would be in, that gettIng to the quarterfinals and losing to Murray was a reasonable prediction. The fact that both Novak and Murray lost early could not have been foreseen. There is no way that Fed would have beaten Murray, Stan and Novak to win the title.

        I certainly would not have posted anything bringing up your predictions had it played out that way with Fed looking before the final.

        This should be all in good fun. Considering what is going on right now in my country, there are more important issues at stake. Being right about stopping Trump is of far greater importance than being right about who won the AO final.

          • About Fed having to beat Murray, Stan and then Djoko, I certainly think that he would lose to one of them along the way too! Add in Kei in R4 to stretch him to five sets before facing Murray next, I’m not sure Fed still could win it all in the end! He probably would lose to Stan if not to Murray. My take.

            All stars and signs aligned for Fed to win at the AO, it may not happen again. Even if Djoko is in a slump, Delpo will be back. On grass, Cilic, Raonic, Alex Zverev, Dimi and Murray, even Delpo, all could pose serious problems for Fed.

            Unless Fed chooses to conserve energy by skipping some clay tournaments, he may not be physically fresh to go the distance when he needs to on grass.

            • You had him losing to Berdych.

              Now you are saying he was well rested. Then why would you having him lose to a fading Berdych?

              20/20 hindsight.

          • No, not about prediction or hindsight. It’s not about who gets the prediction right or wrong, Im not too interested in those, if not I would have joined in the predictions and picks all the time!

            I’m just speaking from a logical point of view if seeded players all played to their seedings. I would especially expect the no.1 seed to make it to the later rounds, when he faced a low ranked opponent. Berdych as no.10 didn’t live up to expectations but Kei did make a match of it but the choking in set one while serving for it twice had cost him precious energy, as a result he ran out of steam in the fifth set.

            Murray not making the QF had certainly made it easy for Fed and imo that’s critical for Fed’s success at the AO. Murray might not beat Fed but would get Fed into another five set tussle imo and cost him plenty of energy.

            • That’s why I thought Murray wasn’t a given over Fed given his poor recent h2h and I know it is not uncommon for new number 1’s to feel pressure at No. 1.

              That was my point that I didn’t see him having to face his projected draw. That was just my take.

              Yes stars aligned kind of like I thought they would.

              Future is future but as of now the stars are still aligned until something changes.

              Peace Lucky.

          • He was well rested, but he was rusty the first two rounds, I guess there’s no contradiction there. It’s just like when Rafa first got back in 2013 and played at Chile. Wasn’t he well rested then? Of course he was! Was he rusty in his first few matches? Certainly!

            • Lucky,

              Suffice to say that I see things pretty much the way you do regarding how it all played out for Fed at the AO.

              In my previous comment, I indicated that it is not about who is right or wrong. It was a tennis match. I do agree that the stars did align for Fed at the AO. I also agree that st the least, Fed playing Murray in the quarterfinals would have been a tough battle.

              Fed was feeling it despite not having to play either Novak or Murray. He was dealing with a groin injury and had to take a MTO in his match with Stan and a few in his match with Rafa.

              I don’t know what lies ahead for Fed this year. But I do know that Novak and Murray are not going anywhere. It is true that Novak has been struggling with his mental strength and will to win. That loss to Istomin at the AO, of all places, has to be emotionally tough for him. He will have to sort out his issues. But I don’t know that anyone can write him off.

              Novak and Murray are the top two players. They are not going to make a habit of getting knocked out early in tournaments. I don’t know that we will anything like this happening again.

              Fed will need to pace himself and conserve energy going forward.

              I am okay with my predictions at the beginning of the AO. If I am wrong, then so be it. The only way to never be wrong is to not make any predictions. I just try to put it all in perspective.

          • I had him losing to Berdych because of his rustiness when in R1 and R2, not because he’s well rested or not. I don’t think that’s so difficult to understand.

  2. Nativenewyorker,

    Why would you say i like to provoke people, just b/c i think R. Federer has a better chance to increase his grand slam’s than R. Nadal doesn’t mean i like 2 provoke people, that’s my opinion.
    We are friend’s right? Pls don’t act like hawkeye, he is so immature & childish. He thinks like a baby, i apologize that’s an insult to babies.
    The guy is nuts am not even sure he is guy or a gal, he could be a virus, ricky needs to upgrade his system ASAP.

  3. Don’t quote me out of context, there is a reason why i said that. Friends are honest with each other no matter what, especially when they support something that’s wrong.


    • Check…

      Stanley FEBRUARY 3, 2017 AT 5:16 AM
      I have been patient with you for a while now, the next time you this again I would stop answering your questions and live you to your stupor.

      No, I tell you when to stop.

      …and mate.


    • Wasn’t aware that “friends” called each other “worse than Hitler.”

      Fascists more like it.


    • Stanley doesn’t know crap about my father! If he did then he would know that my father was incredibly proud of his daughter. He only told me about the horrors he witnessed liberating the concentration camps so that I would make sure that people would never forget.

      He would recognize Trump and his cronies for exactly who they are – neo Fascists! Be it foreign or home grown, my father would see Trump and Bannon for the evil monsters that they truly are. Bannon is a pure anti-Semite right out of the Nazi school, complete with attacks on the media to intimidate them. That is the first step in controlling the news and creating propaganda for the masses.

      My father despised fascism, anti-semitism and bigotry in all its forms.

      My father helped run a prison for captured Nazis. They were arrogant and would not come out of their tents for role call. So my father got one of his men to get high powered hoses and he turned them on the tents and knocked them down. Then he gave me this intense look and said – then they got out! My father didn’t make it easy on them!

      He would not think twice about taking on Trump!

  4. http://www.si.com/tennis/2017/02/03/roger-federer-interview-nadal-australian-open-partying

    In your matches against Nadal, the narrative has always been that he has the superior mental toughness. Do you think your mental game is under-appreciated?

    Federer: I know the way I play is more visible than my mental toughness. I really had to work a lot on my mental toughness. Early on in my career, I was quite unstable. If people were going into a match with me, they knew if you could hang with me for two hours, after two hours, you’d probably be the favorite. Because I would run out of gas, or start checking out. It didn’t come naturally for me, the whole mental toughness.

    I wanted to create a kind of aura that if people played against me, I was not going anywhere mentally and physically. That took me years to build up. Only when I started to win consecutive Grand Slams, and I was able to show that tenacity week in and week out, that’s when I felt like the locker room was actually starting to respect me. Before that, maybe I had that image [of mental inferiority] sometimes. In the years since, I don’t really think I’ve had this.

    My mental toughness has always been overshadowed by my virtuosity, my shot-making, my technique, my grace. That’s why when I lose, it seems like, “Oh, he didn’t play so well.” And when I win, it looks so easy. I had that already when I was a little boy. You know, “Why don’t you try harder?” I mean, honestly I tried everything that I possibly could. Just because I don’t sweat like crazy and I don’t grunt, I don’t have this face on when I hit the shot like I’m in pain, doesn’t mean I’m not trying hard. It’s just how I play. Sorry.

  5. The last paragraph made me laugh. He was obviously referring to Rafa. Also, talking about himself, saying ‘my grace’ sounded so funny.

    Rafa has always been that expressive, all along. It’s his joy and passion, expressed in his leaps into the air, legs kicking and fist pumping, and his vamoses and multiple fist pumps that caught my attention and enthusiasm, in him. He was always so energetic and so joyful out there. It’s hard not to like a person who puts in 100% efforts into whatever he does!

    Anyway, Fed had trained himself to look almost emotionless out there for most part of his career and it was lately (influenced by Rafa?) that he shown more emotions out there. The real ice cool man was Borg I heard.

    • Lucky,

      Yes, Borg was known as “ice Borg” on the court. He trained himself to withhold his emotions when he was young because he used to have a bad temper and it got him suspended from the Swedish tennis academy. Borg revealed that in the documentary “Fire and Ice – McEnroe/Borg”. That is why he didn’t show emotion on the court. But his tennis spoke for him. Also, I remember when he had to battle five sets in that memorable Wimbledon final in 1980 to beat McEnroe. Borg collapsed on the grass and was overcome with emotion. So there were times when the emotion came out.

      Rafa plays with passion but he also keeps his emotions under control in a match. He would never do what Murray has done in cursing and screaming and showing negative energy on the court.

      I love Rafa’s intensity and fierce commitment. I am not surprised that Fed would say what he did. But I did not like Fed playing like a robot.

      • Nny…I agree with all u said…but i guess everybody has their own way how to handle the intense emotions on court…everybodys are unique…Roger with his calm and ‘macho and gentleman way'[he he sorry Nny,i like his persona on court except when he showed how arrogant he is by throwing an empty water bottle when he finished drink it or make a mess with garbage paper[he could ask the ball boy to get rid of it nicely,they would do it immediately for him]…And novak with his screaming on top of his lung when he won an amazing point and sometimes goads spectators to celebrate it even more and Andy with his constant whining and complain..and many others with their own way…all of it just because they want to get in the groove..it’s not easy to control their emotion…u distracted a little bit and you make a double fault when u served…u nervous and your shot will sprayed all over the court..u have doubts then u will make an uncharacteristics UE’s all over the place…so,i guess they’re all human beings and have a certain way how to deal with it..including Naughty Nick who clearly make on top of my list by how bizarre he’s handle the pressure and his emotions on court!LOL!

        • Mira Andi,

          So nice to see you here! I think you make some really good points! I guess that I just didn’t care too much for Fed’s comments that seemed to be about Rafa that were not very complimentary.

          They are all unique in their own way. I am sure that it’s hard to deal with the pressure in matches.

          Nik is on my bad list for some of his bad behavior on court!

          I am glad that you are here because you remind me of how kind and generous someone can be on a forum. You do renew my faith in people!

          • Hey Nny!!U don’t know how much i missed u these last couple of days!U know,you’re my main attraction when i came here along with rafa and amy that is..hey,before i’m rambling further,how r u Nny?it’s all great in your life?If so..GOOD!I don’t wish anything else for u Nny!…Argh!talking about Nick!!It’s very interesting to see when or how he wants to take his career seriously…and here we’re suffering over rafa and his non stop injuries and 1001 problems,and still wants to achieve so much more and there on the other side lies someone who’s got so much talent in him..and yet still didn’t realize how amazing he is!he didn’t have to practice much,didn’t have to dedicate himself 24/7 to his tennis and don’t have a care in the world where or how his tennis will end!…Incredible and bizarre!

            About Rog…hey,i like your comments Nny..in fact,i treasured every comments that u made here and others as well…i’m really really glad i came here and found u and other rafa fans Nny..U guys are my new obssession nowadays!ha ha ha…Thank God u guys not a drug!Oh,btw Nny…this is for u…http://www.imghans.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Good-Night-My-Sweet-Friend-IMGHANS049.jpg


            • Mira Andi,

              You said it so well about Nik! He had so much talent and yet he is wasting it! I don’t get it! He also never seems to enjoy himself on the court. Like he doesn’t want to be there. It’s such a shame. I don’t think he will realize his potential in this sport. I don’t see the passion with him.

              We do worry so much about Rafa! I feeling good today, though. I love those messages you post for me before I go to bed at night. Then I can have sweet dreams!


            • Yay!glad u liked my daily messages Nny…I’m so happy if i knew you’re going to bed without the sadness or unhappy thoughts…About Rafa,yeah Nny…we love him so much and we suffered along with him…yesterday,someone belittled him on TX and i suspect it’s from fedfan..and i’m so pi@#^d because he don’t have to do that…sure Rog writes his name on history books now but there is no need whatsoever to belittling rafa for what rafa has already achieved…he’s achieved so much already..gave so much to us his fans that we couldn’t ask for more…anything that come after this is just a bonus to us…seeing him play is a bonus…Btw…sorry for my rambling Nny..he he..wanna go to sleep already?

        • Rafa is a model of good behavior and good citizenship on and off the court. His discipline is absolutely amazing, not to mention his compassion, empathy and tact, qualities I have not often seen in people with fierce competitive drives. Actually I think Fed has handled The Rivalry pretty well. He’s supposed to be the GOAT but Rafa is the one guy he hadn’t been able to beat in a Big One since Rafa turned 22. It’s got to have been galling over the years.

          • It seems that Fed’s fans, many of them, couldn’t handle it gracefully, and have to resort to belittling Rafa. Little do they know that belittling Rafa is also belittling Fed!

            What I hate most is the accusation of Rafa cheating – MTOs, having to dope to get to where he is now. It’s kind of pay back time, that Fed also took MTOs, not once but twice during this AO. Rafa had not been taking MTO(s) since AO2014 when he injured his back and yet people still brought up Rafa’s dated MTOs!

            Rafa was accused of doping during his six to seven months injury break, when he came back all guns blazing, firing to regain the no.1 ranking and won two slams along the way. Now, Fed came back from six months break and beat four top ten players (including Rafa in the final) to win the AO, I mean how do these same people who accused Rafa of doping, explain away his success?

            Whatever these people dished out, they would have them back in return!

            • One more thing, when Rafa won AO2009 beating Fed in the final in four plus hours, after his grueling five plus hours match vs Verdasco, many couldn’t believe the feat and suspected or even accused Rafa of doping.

              When Djoko did the same thing at AO2012, of beating Murray in five grueling sets in the SF, before beating Rafa in the longest final ever at the AO in almost six hours, did these same people question Djoko’s fitness and stamina the way they questioned Rafa’s? I mean Rafa was 22 at AO2009, Djoko was 24, both were at their prime, did people still think that Rafa needed to dope when Djoko need not?

              They even had forgotten, that the beloved Fed had done the same feat, on clay, back in 2006 at Rome. Fed had a two and a half hours QF with Almagro, followed by a two and a half hours SF vs Nalby the following day, before playing a grueling five over hours final (BO5) vs Rafa the next day, and narrowly lost after having a MP against Rafa. Fed was 24 back then.

              These top guys, they are super fit, to accuse one but not the others simply makes no sense. I mean when one has to dope, then why the others need not and yet they could keep up with him?

          • Mira Andi,

            I should tell you that I used to post on tennis-x some years ago. I mainly posted on a site called Tennis Talk, but I did also post on tennis-x. At that time it was a much different site with no moderation. Things got pretty ugly between the Fed fans and Rafa fans. I finally got fed up with it and stopped posting there. I made a lot of enemies. I do read the site sometimes.

            I can believe that someone insulted Rafa. It’s what they do. Do you know Margot? She used to post on Tennis Talk, too. Then she came over to this site after TT shut down. But she left and prefers tennis-x. She is one of my favorite people!

            I will most likely go to sleep pretty soon.

            • Nny…i think you’re already in zzzzzzzland now..that’s alright,u can read my message when u wake up okay?..Nny,yeah TX IMO a little bit vicious and brutal especially if it’s involved novak fans more so after novak winning so much for the past 5 years..some of them were very vicious but there’s also a very nice,kind and down to earth attitude Novak fans which i adored and respect so much..i don’t know much about the brutality between rafa fans,novak’s or roger’s in the past on TX,but i don’t think it changed much nowadays..we have to guarded our words very carefully,if not u will get eaten alive in sec!I myself got a fair share of it even though my post was very innocent and harmless…And speaking of TX..Nny!of coz i know Margot!She’s one of my favourite poster’s there!she’s so nice,kind,funny and sporting..i can jokes with her all day and will not get bored!I stumbled multiple times your name been mentioned on TX and from that i knew that you’re also one of her favourite people in virtual world Nny..I knew your existance before i came here Nny!he he…And thank u so much for willing to be my friend here Nny..it means a lot to me..

  6. “My mental toughness has always been overshadowed by my virtuosity, my shot-making, my technique, my grace.”

    He forgot to mention his humbleness.

    • There’s no way he actually said that, is there?

      That’s a bit OTT even for him. He’s full of himself sure but he’s usually a bit more subtle about it.

        • Mira Andi,

          Thanks for the coffee!

          If you have a chance, give a shout out to Margot! I miss her and wish she would post here again. I remember live blogging with her when Murray won his first slam. She was so nervous because is waiting for so long and all the disappointments. She must be really happy that he is #1!

          I saw in the Rafa fan forum that he is practicing again! So he must be feeling good!

          • Hey Nny!…How r u this evening?Hope your sunday has been fabulous so far…As for me,it’s already 7:45am monday morning and i’ve just settled my younger daughter to school..and now i can exchange a few words with u Nny..

            I will tell Margot that u miss her Nny…Actually,we’re became close because of Andy coz Andy is my 2nd fav..and when Andy made his incredible run last year,i’m with Margot all the way supporting Andy and yeah Nny..she’s ECSTATIC that Andy now is no 1 but still cautious all about it especially after Andy was crashed early at AO…And the mean posters on TX don’t wait for long to slammed Andy for this…But i guess,we can’t escape from mean people..God knows,they’re everywhere!Right Nny?

            • Mira Andi,

              I am watching the Super Bowl now. That’s our big sports event in the states. Football! I don’t have a favorite team playing this year, but I don’t like the New England Patriots, so I am cheering for the Atlanta Falcons.

              We are in the final fourth quarter and Atlanta is ahead 28-9!

              I know that Margot is very superstitious when it comes to Murray. I am sure that she wasn’t happy to see him lose so early. But I think he will be okay. He’s been playing so well and he had to wait a long time for what he’s won in this sport.

              I will never forget when Murray was playing in that USO final against Novak, trying to win his first slam. He already had that tough loss to Fed at Wimbledon.

              When it went to a fifth set, Margot couldn’t take it and she had to get off the forum. I stayed on there live blogging and when Murray won, I kept calling out to her to come back! We did get to celebrate the next day when she came back. I was really happy for her and all the Murray fans. I said if it couldn’t be Rafa there playing, then let it be Murray! I like him and will cheer for him if Rafa isn’t playing. I just don’t like it when he gets cranky and starts cursing on the court. I notice that he doesn’t do it as much with Lendl.

              I know that there are some people on tx who can be mean. Some of them are still there on the site. So I stay here where it’s safer!

            • I know Nny…there’s not many rafa fans there anymore..just a few..and i’m still there because Margot is still there..I like interacting with her but i’m not posting as often anymore..oh!hope your Falcon win Nny!

            • Mira Andi,

              Well now the Patriots are staging a comeback. It’s 28-20 with less than 2 minutes to go. Can the Falcons hang on for the win?

              Now you know why I don’t like tx! I don’t even read the site very often.

    • No, missed the chances. I watched some old matches highlights. I read and learned about Borg and his peers but didn’t watch them played. I only started watching live telecast tennis matches during Becker’s and Stefi Graff’s time in the 1980s but not watching many; busy working and making a living in those times.

      • My parents introduced me to tennis in the late 70s.

        Earliest match I can recall seeing live was Borg McEnroe Wimbledon 1980 I think? The one with the long TB.

        I was hooked.

  7. Watching the D.C. between Spain and Croatia now. The Spanish team really can’t do without Rafa!

    On a quick HC, the Spanish team seems handicapped, they’re playing more a clay court game on the HCs. The Croats are so aggressive, big serve plus some S&V and moving to the net so often, fully capitalizing on the low bouncing quick court, very impressive. They’re only the B team!

      • No F team. I bet they’re playing better than Coric or Dodig. Coric more a clay court style player; Dodig not as aggressive, even though he plays the S&V game, he’s not as powerful.

        This B team, they’re aggressive, serve so well and hit so hard; they move well too, better than Karlovic though not serving as well.

        • This is at least a D team. Yet they are balling. Skugor and Mektic are money!! Let’s go Croatia!! Pull the upset off!! Also Pospisil looks like the Vasek of old as he hasn’t dropped a set in singles during this tie. Beat Edmund in straights now up two sets to love on Evans. I don’t really like Evans that much. He kinda seems like a tool to be honest.

          • The tennis channel is showing DC. Croatia/Spain on now. I don’t know if this is live or a replay. Their coverage of lesser tournaments is somewhat spotty.

            It looks like they will be showing DC all day. Later on it’s going to be USA/Swiss.

            • They just switched to Canada/GB. Pospisil and Edmunds. They seem to be jumping around to cover other D.C. matches playing at the same time.

            • Haha it’s ok I just wanted Croatia because to see an upset like that with those unknown guys winning at home would’ve been great.

  8. Congrats to Spain for winning this tie. It’s really a tough one! The Croatians, I hope they do well not only in DCs, but individually too. They are so good even when they are ranked so low in the rankings.

  9. Pospisil is ? in Davis Cup.

    Going to a 5th rubber.

    A young Shapovolov a decided underdog against a more experienced Edmunds but he has the home crowd.

    Will be just his second BO5 career match. First was on Friday. He won Wimby junior title.

    Go ??

    • Shapovolov is just 17. Took a match off Kyrgios this year when Nick was not up to the challenge he wasn’t expecting and zoned out like he tends to do.

  10. Feel bad for Shapovalov.im sure he already felt he was letting his country down and to go out like that must make it much worse.

    Shouldn’t have smacked the ball but tough luck. Hope the umpire is ok.

  11. luckystar FEBRUARY 5, 2017 AT 4:24 AM says: “What I hate most is the accusation of Rafa cheating – MTOs… It’s kind of pay back time, that Fed also took MTOs, not once but twice during this AO.Rafa had not been taking MTO(s) since AO2014 when he injured his back and yet people still brought up Rafa’s dated MTOs!”
    It’s payback time for Wawrinka too. He injured his knee during his SF match and took an off-court MTO after the 2nd set.

    TENNISHEAD: “Wawrinka disappeared down the tunnel in tears for a medical timeout and returned with strapping to his right knee.”


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