World Tour Finals groups revealed

The draw ceremony for the 2016 Barclays ATP World Tour Finals took place on Monday afternoon in London. Newly-christened world No. 1 Andy Murray was joined in Group A by Stan Wawrinka, Kei Nishikori, and Marin Cilic. Novak Djokovic’s group also includes Milos Raonic, Gael Monfils, and Dominic Thiem.

Raonic is questionable to participate because of a quadriceps injury sustained at the BNP Paribas Masters. The fourth-ranked Canadian was forced to give Murray, the eventual Paris champion, a walkover in the semifinals. If Raonic cannot play, first alternate Tomas Berdych would take his spot in London.

Group John McEnroe
1) Andy Murray
3) Stan Wawrinka
5) Kei Nishikori
7) Marin Cilic

Group Ivan Lendl
2) Novak Djokovic
4) Milos Raonic
6) Gael Monfils
8) Dominic Thiem

“Once you’re out on the court, you don’t think about your ranking,” Murray said via a conference call after the groups were revealed. “You’re playing against the top eight players in the world. I look forward to getting out there and playing at the O2. I’ll try and take a few days rest now, start hitting again on Thursday. I need a few days’ break.

“It will be one big push for all the guys. Everyone has played a lot of tennis and hopefully everyone can play well.”

The year-end championship begins on Sunday, with Djokovic facing Thiem in the opening singles match. Raonic and Monfils will contest the nightcap. Murray will play his first match on Monday night against Cilic in a rematch of the Cincinnati Masters final.

22 Comments on World Tour Finals groups revealed

  1. Djokovic with just the most wonderful group to draw … look forward to him and Murray having a grudge match in the finals when he comes out of the groupstage fresher than his semifinals opponent …

  2. Poor Murray, has to get the YE no.1 in such a tough manner. His group is definitely the tougher of the two, I mean the no.1 player getting no.3,5,7, whilst the no.2 gets 4,6,8?? What luck!

    Anyway Murray should beat all of them in his group, Cilic included. The other group – they are either injured or physically exhausted, and I think both Raonic and Monfils may each show up in one RR match and then be replaced due to injury. Berdych and Goffin will have good chances of playing in the RR stage. I like what I saw in Berdych in his match vs Murray, it’s only because Murray was in top form that Berdych lost in straight sets. I won’t be surprised that if Berdych really replaces one of them in Djoko’s group and gets to play Djoko, he may even beat Djoko for the first time since Rome 2013.

    Djoko should top his group given how weak his group members are, it’s kind of a gift to him, perhaps a reward for his brilliant first half of the season; and Murray and Djoko will then have a duel in the final to see who will be the YE no.1 for 2016. My bet is on Murray.

    • I definitely think berdych has a great shot at replacing Raonic. I have a feeling the Canadian won’t play or will just play one match like you said. And I agree berdych could test or even beat Novak.

    • Not scared, poor because for his ranking, he shouldn’t have to face no.3,5,7 and not some of 4,6,8. Obviously the no.3,5,7 players in his group are in better form than the no.4,6,8 players. Why should the no.2 player have it easier than the no.1 player? Luck of the draw, too bad for Murray.

      • no such thing as luck of the draw in tennis.

        Not to mention that all players in Nole’s group are either tired or injured.

      • luckystar, you know that’s not how it works that # always has to face 4, 6 & 8 etc. Otherwise why would they bother to go through the process of doing a draw, even if it’s fake.

    • WTF draw is rigged:

      Nole has never lost to anyone in his group.

      He’s lost to everybody in Andy’s group for a total of eight losses.

      ATP wants a close rave to No. 1.


  3. It’s disappointing to see that Novak has. Much easier group than Murray. But I think that Murray is playing well enough now to still get to the final and take in Novak for #1!

  4. How can you vote against Murray after the last 3 months that he’s had…even Joker can’t take him down. Hope Fed and Rafa are back in London town next year!

  5. I wish for Andy to beat them all convincingly proving once again why he is well deserved holder of the #1! He was the hard working individual this year who fought to win two favorite titles for the Brits: Wimby and the Olympic gold! Admiration worth!
    Go Andy!

  6. Number 1 or not number 1, if Novak is getting to the final of this, he will beat Murray. I’m not convinced he will make the semi finals.

  7. Also he will have to play consecutive matches his 3rd RR matvh and Semifinal bavk to back.. What a bad luck He is the No.1 but got noo advantage.. And djoko as usual the luckiest player ever wow

  8. In addition to the eight qualified players, the two alternates are Goffin and RBA.

    Looks like Milos will play.

    (Berdych is suffering appendicitis and has shut down his season officially.)

  9. If more than 2 players or pairs have the same ranking on the World Tour standing when they compete for the last spot, the spot belongs to the player or the pair with higher ITTF world ranking.

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