Soderling finally announces official retirement

More than four years removed from his last professional match, Robin Soderling officially announced his retirement from tennis on Wednesday. Sidelined in the prime of his career by mononucleosis, Soderling had hoped to one day return to the court until this announcement brought premature closure to a promising career.

“Throughout all these years I believed I should get back to the top of the game in tennis,” Soderling explained, “but now I’ve realized that I won’t be fresh enough to play tennis on the level that I want from myself. For that reason I’ve decided to finish my career as a professional tennis player.”

The 31-year-old Swede is most well-known for making consecutive surprising runs to the French Open final. He famously upset Rafael Nadal during fourth-round action at Roland Garros in 2009, causing one of the biggest upsets in the history of the sport. Soderling finished runner-up to Roger Federer that season before Nadal exacted revenge on him in the 2010 title match.

His last tournament came at home on the clay courts of Bastad, Sweden in July of 2011. Soderling routed for consecutive opponents in straight sets–including Tomas Berdych in the semis and David Ferrer in the final–to lift the trophy. He was No. 5 in the world at the time.

“Even if my career as a tennis player is over,” Soderling added, “I have a clear view of the future and I’ve got a full schedule for the next few years.”

Among his current tennis-related obligations is the title of tournament director for the If Stockholm Open, a 250-point indoor hard-court stop on the fall swing.

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    • Jackpots and “meal tickets” imply riches none of which Soderling received by beating Rafa.

      On the contrary what he received for life was an early retirement due to a lingering disease puting a premature end to his best years for earnings.

        • Someone (AT 4:06 PM) is rewriting tennis history and somebody else is agreeing (AT 1:53 AM). 🙄

          Sod’s early retirement has nothing to do with his victory over Rafa at RG in 2009!

          • Who said that Sod’s early retirement had anything to do with him getting mono?
            Things get twisted to mean something else and then the same old group comes on and laughs about it.

            • Nativenewyorker (AT 12:21 AM),
              —Who said that Sod’s early retirement had anything to do with him getting mono?—
              Ricky says it above and Wikipedia says: “Söderling announced his retirement from professional tennis, after 4 years without playing a single official match due to a mononucleosis.”

            • Isn’t it well documented that Sod’s retirement is due to mono? Only Fed never missed a match after contracting mono.

      • He may not be rich but that will get him some recognition. I know it’s hard for non-Rafans to accept Rafa’s importance in the tennis world. 🙂

        • No one would disagree if that’s what you said to begin with.

          Next time maybe you won’t have to move the goalpost.

      • By the way, Sod’s mono is no way related to his victory over Rafa at RG. Some of you can’t see the wood for the trees.

        • Those speaking of “jackpots” and “meal tickets” shouldn’t be talking about forests for which they are blind.

  1. Ha ha ha! hawkeye’s response was illogical but he claims nadline moved the goal post!! And the funniest part is native’s ” I agree”. Hilarious!!!!

    • NNY should change her nickname to ‘I agree’ because you can guarantee that if anything adverse is said re Rafa she would immediately post a comment agreeing with the poster.

        • Mary16 should change her nickname to ‘lol’ because you can guarantee that if anything adverse is said re nny she would immediately post a comment LOLing with the poster.

          • native treats all anti-Rafa posts made by “club” members the same way that most people treat software agreements on the internet, scroll down without bothering to read or understand and click on “I agree”. Maybe hawkeye you prefer the nickname ” Echo” for her which I once suggested but sadly she paid no heed.
            Now about Lol for me, it can be my signature. Lol!!!

            • mary16 and nadline10 thinks that any post that doesn’t either praise Rafa or put down his opponents is an anti-Rafa post.

            • nativa says “I agree” to ALL posts of her gang, moronic or not if the argument is with a Rafa fan. I meant to write antiRafa fan and not anti Rafa. fan got missed out. There was nothing moronic about nadline’s post. Soderling got name, fame, endorsements thanks to beating Rafa. He hit the jackpot so to speak.

          • hawkeye, you don’t have to repeat after me but then imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

            If beating Rafa was not significant why do the writers only ever mention victories over Rafa. Sod also beat Roger at RG didn’t he? Why is there no mention of that? Beating the ‘GOAT’ has to count for something but it seems that beating Rafa is the gold standard.

        • Yes it is same old, same old because you never fail to agree with any comment about Rafa that has a whiff of negativity about it.

          • No, it’s because you hide behind this pretense of defending Rafa from so-called attacks from his own fans! That is the thing that is so appalling about this. Rafa is just fine, living his life and enjoying it with family and friends. He is not being harmed in any way by anything that I have said or that hawkeye has said. But you pick these little arguments with people that you simply do not like and then pretend that it’s about Rafa. That’s not in the spirit of who Rafa is and you know it. He doesn’t attack people or go after anyone even if they say something critical about him. Because he’s better than that. But you don’t follow his example. That’s quite hypocritical. I just don’t appreciate you using Rafa as an excuse to trash those who you happen to dislike.

  2. hawkeye, Good you are honest and admit you wrote gibberish and that it was nothing new for you.
    What was more embarrassing, being caught writing gibberish or having your loyal club mate jump in and say ” I agree” ?
    About Mauritius, no idea. Never been there. Send a suitable sackcloth and ashes email to RITB through Ricky and try to wangle an invitation.

  3. Macmillan Dictionary:
    jackpot – definition:
    1. …
    2. a large unexpected success or reward.
    That’s what Sod received and is constantly receiving in countless articles and comments! 😆

  4. You know it’s really a shame that even at this time of year, when it’s supposed to be all about good will to everyone, that some here simply cannot get into the holiday spirit. I think that’s kind of sad.

    This is all much ado about nothing!

  5. mary16istheBest, I agree it is sad that your holiday spirit cannot overcome your ill will toward any nny’s remark was not addressed to you, nor did it bear any ill will toward anyone here. What holiday spirit made you say ” LOL” to nadline’s gibberish?

  6. I’m in the holiday spirit especially as I shall be seeing Rafa in the flesh in A Dhabi on Friday. How can I not be happy and in a spirit of goodwill?

  7. No, it’s on Thursday I’ll be getting Rafa’s autograph and seeing the players at the pressers for the first time then Rafa will play his first match on Friday.

  8. As far as I am concerned beating Rafa in tennis is like winning the jackpot in a lottery. I still stand by my original post and I am not moving any goalposts because some people don’t agree with me. The fact that Sod’s victory over the so-called GOAT is never mentioned nor any other victory over him but only the victories over Rafa are ever mentioned is proof that beating Rafa is seen as more of a significant achievement.

    • You mean beating Rafa at RG is seen as more of a significant achievement than beating Fed at RG. I don’t really see anyone having any issue with that (only if you had mentioned so).

      As far as ‘winning against Rafa is a lottery thing’ is concerned, I can’t really recall anyone else except maybe Rosol. And Rafa has definitely lost many more matches other than Rosol!

  9. As a Rafa fan, I’ve long forgotten about Sod tbh, esp when he’s not playing in the main tour for so…long.

    Its the present and then the future which are more important, not something that’s past. Rafa has since gotten his five in a row at the FO, making his records at the FO unbeatable for a long long time. I mean who has four in a row, followed by 5 in a row at a slam?

    The important thing now is for Nadal to win the FO again, at the very least. I wish Sod well for all his future endeavors. He beats Fedal at the FO, something he’ll be remembered for in the tennis circle.

    • Luckystar DECEMBER 29, 2015 AT 11:20 AM
      —As a Rafa fan, I’ve long forgotten about Sod—
      TV commentators, writers and Fedfans haven’t forgotten.

      • @ Augusta 11. 20 AM
        That’s exactly my point.

        I wish everyone will forget about it. abhirf, it’s not Rafa fans who keep mentioning it.

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