Kyrgios lays into Lahyani during Wimbledon win

Nick Kyrgios went off on chair umpire Mohamed Lahyani during the third set of his 6-0, 6-2, 7-6(6) first-round Wimbledon victory over Diego Schwartzman.

The point in question came when Schwartzman hit a shot near Kyrgios’ baseline that was called long. Kyrgios’ mis-hit the ensuing shot into the stands, so when Schwartzman challenged and his ball was shown in, Lahyani awarded the point to the Argentine instead of calling for it to be replayed.

Kyrgios clearly disagreed, as he threatened to stop playing until the supervisor was called, gave Lahyani a lesson on rules of the game, and then asked Lahyani if he was actually being serious.

The Aussie was soon overheard muttering the phrase “dirty scum,” but he insisted it was directed at himself.

“I wasn’t referring to the ref at all there,” Kyrgios assured. “Yeah, I mean, it was towards myself.”

Asked why he would direct it at himself, the 2014 quarterfinalist said, “Cause, I can.”

17 Comments on Kyrgios lays into Lahyani during Wimbledon win

    • Let’s not forget about that mess with Pat Rafter cutting off Tennis Australia funding to Bermard Tomic because of his beef with Father Joe. What is going on there?

      Nobody is coming out of that one looking good.

  1. *tsk* So tacky.

    I know NK think’s he’s Johnny Mac. But he’s not. Not yet. (Maybe not ever.)

    And I don’t care who you think you are, you don’t mouth off to MoMo.

    That’s like … being a Congressman and mouthing off to President Obama.

    Which makes this punk … Joe Wilson?


  2. Lahyani is probably the best umpire in the game. I did not see this match, but just from that video with no audio one can see that this is more of the same from Kyrgios. They need to hit this guy with some fines that will really hurt his pocketbook. He’s a disgrace to the game. This is something he’s done on other occasions.

    Oh, and about that comment he muttered under his breath, really? Yeah, like he was saying it about himself! His language is atrocious on the court, his demeanor is barbaric.

    I voted that he was bad for the game and see that I have a lot of company.

  3. What a tool.

    “I’ve probably watched that shot against Rafa about 100 times, honestly. I was love-40 down so it didn’t make much difference but it was pretty good. I practise tweeners all the time in training, so I thought it was the right shot.

    “Me and Rafa don’t talk too much. We probably don’t have the greatest relationship, like me and Roger do. But I’m more than open to having lunch with the guy; I’m not shying away from anything like that.”

  4. “The prosaic truth, however, is that the bulk of his actions aren’t at all uncommon. The sleeves have actually been famously worn by Milos Raonic for a long time now. Many players throw tantrums; many people fancy themselves a little too much; and many others only sometimes offer up their best effort. He brags about his qualities as someone unburdened by the “other stuff”, but this represents a whole lot of other stuff.”

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