Rafael Nadal: Which is more likely?

Rafael Nadal’s slump continued on Thursday with a third-round loss to Fabio Fognini at the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell. Nadal’s 6-4, 7-6(6) setback was his second of the season to Fognini–both on red clay.


The result further cements Novak Djokovic’s status as the French Open favorite. Djokovic has never triumphed at Roland Garros, but he followed up two straight Masters 1000 titles in Indian Wells and Miami by lifting the winner’s trophy in Monte-Carlo.

As for Nadal, he may have more to worry about more than merely the French Open. Only three clay-court tournaments remain on his 2015 schedule and all three are either a month or less away, meaning the Spaniard is unlikely to be in peak form for any one of the trio. He is currently eighth in the race to London, fewer than 100 points ahead of Milos Raonic for the final spot.

So which is more likely: Nadal winning the French Open or not participating in the World Tour Finals (that means either not qualifying or not playing as a result of injury or any other reason)?

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  1. Nadal winning the French open looks unlikely after this defeat but he will definitely qualify for the year end championship.

  2. At this point I’d say it’s even difficult that he makes the 2nd week of RG but you can never count him out – if he believes and wants to win it, he can do it.
    Vamos Rafa!!! always with you no matter what!

  3. Who cares about WTF? Seriously?

    “So which is more likely: Nadal winning the French Open or not participating in the World Tour Finals (that means either not qualifying or not playing as a result of injury or any other reason)?”

    Above question is just dumb: are we supposed to KNOW what is going to happen to Rafa in future health-wise? On current form, it is unlikely Rafa will win RG and if he keeps dropping points he will be out of the top 10 and out of the WTF, duh…………

  4. Personally I’m getting used to the idea of Rafa not winning. One can feel that his “carrera” is close to the end. I just hope he can do something great again before retiring.
    There’s no tragedy in this, we need to accept it and support him all they way 🙂

  5. if Nadal wins the RG he will definitely qualify for WTF…so what is the point of the question?! whether he gets injured again or has some personal reasons not to show up in the WTF…I honestly would not know unless I have some crystal ball to look into…

    I would rather have you ask the following question: If Rafa wins the RG once again (whether this year or any OTHER year) will all the idiots finally shut up?

  6. just heard an interview to U. Tony in which he mentions that it’s a psychological issue and that they’ve had many good moments and now not so good ones, that it’s not a tragedy; he also mentions the need to keep working hard. Apparently Rafa was quite down after the match because he wanted to perform well for the Barcelona crowd.

    • I appreciate the clarification from Uncle Toni. It’s obvious that this is mental, psychological and not technical. Watching Rafa struggle for twenty minutes while being up 5-1 in his match against Almagro, really says it all.

      I also think that this could be Rafa’s decline. It happens to all great champions and it’s true that it’s not a tragedy. A tragedy is walking away from the sport at the age of 26 like Borg.

      I am not surprised to hear that Rafa was down after that loss. We know what this tournament means to him.

  7. In this one he says more or less the same things, I’ll summarise:

    Always U. Tony talking.

    It’s more painful to lose in your own country in a tournament you know well.
    MC was a step forward and made them “see the light” and that he didn’t expect now a step back.
    The match against Fognini wasn’t goo, he had lots of doubts in the 1st set, a bad drive and bad displacement.
    They hope to play better in Madrid.
    They need to play at least a couple of tournaments at a good level to clear the doubts.
    He still thinks they have time to arrive well at RG if they play at the same level as in MC (he repeats this like a mantra all along the interview).
    They need to be more calm.
    Rafa, although affected at first, soon starting pondering and searching for positive things.They need to keep working and believing in themselves.
    The first thing he said to Rafa after the match against Fognini was to not dwell on it too much and to find solutions.
    They have lived very good moments and now is the time to live not so good ones, one can’t always expect things in life to go well.

    That’s more or less it.

  8. Not playing as a result of injury is possible, Nadal has been injury prone throughout his career. but not qualifying is impossible.

    • I am watching the documentary, “When We Were Kings”


      It’s 1974, Muhammed Ali is 32 and thought by many to be past his prime. George Forman is ten years younger and the Heavyweight champion of the world. Promoter Don King wants to make a name for himself and offers both fighters five million dollars apiece to fight one another, and when they accept, King has only to come up with the money. He finds a backer in Mobutu Sese Suko, the dictator of Zaire and the “Rumble in the Jungle” is set.”

      I am not going anywhere near the parallels with RG 2015…………..

      In case anyone is wondering, Ali defeated Foreman.

  9. I really could care less about the WTF. Slams are far more important at this point in Rafa’s career. I think there could have been a more compelling question to jumpstart this discussion. The least of Rafa’s problems now is the possibility of not qualifying for the WTF.

    I liked reading Uncle Toni’s comments about Rafa and this latest loss. I am glad that he told Rafa not to dwell on it. He can’t afford it because there are two more tournaments to play before RF. Rafa is defending 1600 points and he just made life harder with this early loss in Barcelona.

    I like Uncle Toni’s philosophy of keeping things in perspective. It’s better than awfulizing.
    and feeling like it’s the end of the world.

    • Of course you barely care about the WTF! You’re a moronic and blind rafa Fan. The World Tour Finals is a huge tournament… Hmm.. World. Finals. Tour! Rafa never won. Rafa not qualifying to that tournament kinda goes hand in hand with his current situation, so it’s of importance for that reason too. He should focus on the next tournament and not think too far ahead, obviously..

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