Australian Open final previews and picks: Djokovic vs. Murray

A three-team panel previews and picks Sunday’s Australian Open final between Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray. It is the third final at this event between Djokovic and Murray.

(1) Novak Djokovic vs. (6) Andy Murray

Ricky Dimon (The Grandstand): The question here, of course, is which Djokovic is going to show up. You pretty much know what you’re going to get from Murray, who has been the most impressive player the entire way this fortnight. The Scot was only tested to the max by Grigor Dimitrov and he even handed a bagel to a previously red-hot Tomas Berdych. Djokovic had been solid through five matches before a performance against Stan Wawrinka that should have sent him packing from Melbourne (49 errors to just 27 winners, including zero winners in the entire fourth set). However, you have to think the world No. 1 will be a different man for the final. He is 4-0 lifetime in Australian Open title matches, whereas Murray is 0-3. Djokovic is also 7-0 in his last seven hard-court matches against Murray and 12-1 in the last 13 hard-court sets between the two rivals. Djokovic 6-3, 3-6, 7-6(4), 6-7(5), 6-3.

Pete Ziebron (Tennis Acumen): Welcome back to the Big 4, Murray! The Scot’s impressive march to the 2015 Australian Open final will elevate you back to where you belong in the ATP rankings. Murray will certainly benefit from the fact that he will have an extra day of rest heading into the final and that the top-seeded Djokovic was extended to five sets by Wawrinka in Friday’s semifinal. However, despite three previous final appearances, Murray has yet to win the Aussie Open and he will be facing a four-time champion in Djokovic.  The Serb, who tends to ricochet quickly back into form following a poorly-played match, now finds himself back in familiar territory in Melbourne: in the final, where he will reign supreme once again. Djokovic 6-4, 5-7, 6-4, 7-6(3).

Jared Pine (The Second Serb): Following his win over Wawrinka, Djokovic has now won six of his seven slam semifinals that have gone five sets. However, the Serb has only gone on to win the final two of those times–and both were on hard courts over Rafael Nadal, whom Djokovic was dominating in the head-to-head at the time. Djokovic has met Murray in major finals four times and each has won two, accounting for the Scot’s only two such titles. The two that Djokovic won were both at the Australian Open. Murray hasn’t been in a Grand Slam final since winning Wimbledon in 2013; it has been a long ride back to the biggest stage of the sport. Djokovic is going to be the player who is much more ready for this because he has continued to be in the final rounds of slams, whereas Murray had been struggling just to reach quarterfinals. Djokovic 6-3, 5-7, 6-4, 6-2.

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  1. Now we have to live on the “Novak for the Calendar Slam” diet until Rafa puts him in his place at RG………

    No thanks to you Muzza…..

  2. Muzza gets distracted by Berdy’s antics in the semi……….
    Muzza gets distracted by Nole’s antics in the final…………

    I think the locker room has cottoned on to Muzza’s mental frailty and try to exploit it at the earliest opportunity, Rafa excepted of course. Rafa just wears Muzza down with his game, not antics………..

  3. Best chance for calendar slam in decades.

    As I predicted these two base liners head to head makes for dull one dimensional tennis and Novak in four as predicted.

    Congratulations to me, for sure, no?

  4. RT @linzsports: “Pot, meet kettle. RT @BenRothenberg: “Don’t worry about him. He does it all the time.” -Andy Murray muttering on Novak Djokovic. #ausopen”

    And Muzza was rumoured to be Novak’s best man at one point???

  5. All this of Muzz’s rant about Nole’s condition in the 3rd set affecting him is really poor stuff from him. I mean c’mon, Nole didn’t even took a MTO. Everyone could see he was breathing very heavily in that 3rd set. That 3rd game onwards Nole just went for broke too early in the rallies and he kept on going hard and deep with his shots and they landed in. It was quite clear in the 3rd and 4th set that Nole wanted to end the points quickly. It was only after that he received his energy drink from his trainer that he again started chasing the balls. Remember, Nole suffered a viral illness prior to this tournament. He may not have recovered from it’s effects completely. The extreme physical nature of their matchup didn’t helped Nole’ either.

    Muzz was lucky enough to win that 2nd set, when Nole had all the momentum with him and Muzz looked completely out of ideas until those intruders jumped on the court.That helped him to regroup his game.
    If even after playing so many years on tour, he gets affected by what’s happening on the other side of the court, then it’s really poor mentality from him. Has any other player even paid a heed to all those of his body clutching acts that he does on court when they play him!

  6. …………….The Serb hurt his thumb when he fell in the first set then appeared to twist his ankle in the second set and again in the third. He seemed to struggle briefly but them bounced back strongly.

    Murray was bombarded with questions in his post-match media conference on whether he felt Djokovic was putting it on to distract him.

    He denied this but admitted it affected his concentration in the third set.

    “The third set was frustrating because I got a bit distracted when he fell on the ground after a couple of shots,” he said.

    “It appeared that he was cramping, and then I let that distract me a little bit.”

    Pressed on whether he thought it was a deliberate tactic to put him off his game, he replied: “I don’t know. I don’t know. I have no idea.

    “I mean, it’s obviously what he thinks. I would hope that that wouldn’t be the case.

    “But if it was cramp, how he recovered from it, that’s a tough thing to recover from and play as well as he did at the end.

    “So, yeah, I’m frustrated at myself for letting that bother me at the beginning of the third set, because I was playing well, I had good momentum, and then just dropped off for 10 minutes and it got away from me.”

  7. ^^^

  8. Andy Murray left kicking himself after falling for Novak Djokovic’s fake injury tactics
    The Scot lost fair and square to the world number one in the Australian Open final – but was furious at himself for falling for the Serb’s age-old injury tactic.
    By Eurosport
    3 hours ago
    View photo
    .These doctors deserve big money. They cleared up Novak Djokovic’s injury brilliantly!
    These doctors deserve big money. They cleared up Novak Djokovic’s injury brilliantly!
    When Andy Murray went 2-0 up in the third set of the Australian Open, having just thoroughly outplayed Novak Djokovic in the second set tie-break, anybody familiar with the Serb could have written the script.

    Even Djokovic’s strongest admirers will concede that the world number one has a suspicious susceptibility to injury when on the back foot in a match – and as soon as he gets his nose back in front, the mystery ailment invariably clears up.

    We’ve seen it time after time – as has Murray. But the Scot still let it get to him, and 2-0 became 2-2 within the space of a few minutes. Murray had his chances thereafter, but Djokovic had the momentum back and ran away with the match.

    This isn’t, in case you’re wondering, Tramlines’s opinion. (Or not just Tramlines’s opinion). It’s the opinion of Andy Murray himself, who was furious at himself for getting duped in his post-match press conference.

    “It was clear that he was cramping. I let that distract me a little bit,” he said, gallantly refusing to speculate on the veracity or otherwise of Djokovic’s injury.

    “That’s what I’m most disappointed about. I’m frustrated at myself to let that bother me.

    “To me the reason why I lost that match was not a physical reason because I feel fine now.”

    Murray added that he’d never had an opponent try such things against him in a grand slam final – and that in particular unsettled him.

    Murray wasn’t the only person to call attention to Djokovic’s injury. From the moment the Serb first started hobbling, fans on Twitter let rip:

    Sandy Armour @killiehippo
    Any doctors on here, Djokovic has a strange ankle injury that only hurts when he loses a point #dramaqueen
    11:23 AM – 1 Feb 2015

    Paul Thomson @PaulThomsonEK
    Djokovic is embarrassing himself here. All of a sudden the ‘injury’ is bothering him again now. Falling over every time he loses a point.
    11:25 AM – 1 Feb 2015
    Talking Rugby Union @TalkRugbyUnion
    Great tennis, well played #Djokovic but there is no place in sport for faking injury
    12:22 PM – 1 Feb 2015

  9. I feel that the Djok was not quite feeling upto the mark yesterday. He overdid it alright by toppling over and showing signs of discomfort. But Murray should have know better, considering that he is not a newbie who has burst on the scene. To say that he lost because he got distracted does not cut it. He lost because he played worse than the Djok on key points. Period.

  10. Djokovic steams to a record fifth AO and his 8th singles slam title, passing Mac and Mats and joining Andre, Ivan and Jimmy among Open Era competitors (see also Fred Perry, Ken Rosewall). He’s a kind of mirror image of Jimmy right now: two Wimbledons each, trading one win vs five wins at the USO and AO. No RG for either, and only Andre in this group has a career slam, backed up with Olympics, Davis Cup and WTF.

    One more title and he’s getting into orbit, so few players having won as many in the history of the game. With two slams in the bag right now, he is a certainty to surpass Rafa for weeks at #1 in a couple of months’ time, having recently supplanted him as the second-highest earner in the history of the men’s game – and he’s closing in on Roger’s all-time record. 2011 is the only year, however, when he has won more than one slam. You’d still make Rafa the favourite at RG. Novak has a bit to prove just yet.

    Still, he came through a very tough-looking draw and in doing so he bageled Andy, who bageled Tomas, who bageled Rafa, all inside the last three matches. Wonder if that has ever happened before! Novak also bageled Stan in their semi, thus rubbing it in against the only two players to take sets off him.

    Weirdly, although he and Serena Williams are the winningest AO champions of the Open Era, this is the first year that they have won the titles together.

    And well done to the Swiss Miss, Martina Hingis. A singles champion here at 16, she now finds herself sharing the mixed doubles title with Leander Paes – EIGHTEEN years on. Good for her.

  11. I finally saw the match earlier today. Suffice to say that it was disappointing to see Murray lose it mentally. Rafa would never let himself get distracted or fooled by any antics from Novak. Nobody gets away with that nonsense against Rafa. I am surprised that Murray let it get to him. I really thought he had a shot at the win. Also, I do have to say that Murray has been guilty of this same behavior on court himself. He will grimace and grab at his back or his ankle or some body part during matches. It’s gamesmanship. Murray calling out Novak for it is kind of like the pot calling the kettle black.

    I did think this match would be like some of their other four or five sets matches. But Murray just lost the plot and got bageled in the fourth set, like Stan was bageled in the fifth set. I didn’t think Novak played his best, but it was good enough to get the win against Murray.

    Novak is not a sure thing for the calendar slam. Not as long as Rafa is at RG. I also think that Murray can takes positives out of this match. He got to a final in his first slam of the year. That’s something he didn’t do last year. He is now back in the top four. That’s where he belongs. It’s important for him to forget about getting caught up in Novak’s gamesmanship. He should follow Rafa’s example and take good things out of this loss. I also see that Murray is not back to his former self. He’s come a long way, but there’s more work to do. I think he can have a good year if he can keep his head on straight and move on and continue to improve his game.

    • NNY I feel Rafa let Novak’s faking bother n distract him in the 2012 final . Remember how he fell on the ground a bit after a long rally in 5th set as if he was dead n that did unsettle Rafa

      The handshake between Novak and Andy was very cold. Andy was clearly pissed with Novak n even more pissed when in his ceremony he wished Andy and Kim on their engagement n marriage and babies. That was uncalled for. If u want to wish him, wish in private, why on a public championship ceremony . Fed clearly dislikes Novak and now I see Andy added to the list

      • @Sanju,

        I don’t know if I remember that exact moment from the 2012 AO final. I have never watched it again, except once or twice to see Rafa’s comeback in that fourth set to take it to a fifth set.

        I think it was Rafa’s serve that let him down when he was up a break and two games from winning that match. Also, that missed backhand shot when he was trying to hold his serve. But I still think that overall, Novak has not been able to get under Rafa’s skin in their matches. I think in that match Rafa may still have been dealing with the mental stresss of losing six straight matches to Novak. He was lacking in confidence, but that was the first match since the losing streak in which Rafa showed some fight and came back to tie it up. He also came close to winning. He found the answers and we all know what happened next in his rivalry with Novak.

        I did notice that the handshake between Novak and Andy was brief and very cold. It’s not the way you usually see them at the net after a match. The replay on ESPN did not show the award ceremony. They just went to a post match interview with Novak. So I didn’t know about Novak saying anything to Andy and Kim about their engagement.

        I still think that Andy has no one to be mad at but himself. He has more work to do.

  12. Andy shouldn’t complain too much he does engage in the same sort of tactics himself. I remember how he announced that he had injured the elbow of his serving arm before his SF match with Rafa in MC in 2011, then kept everyone hanging on waiting for him to say whether he would pull out or not, whilst saying he was practicing off site, Up to 5 minutes before the match he said he was having a trial hit to see if he was fit to play.

    In that match Murray served like a demon taking his first set from Rafa (6:2) on clay and no more was heard about his elbow injury.

    • That is a good example of Andy’s gamesmanship. I remember how they delayed the start of that match and Rafa had to be kept waiting. I thought that they did a cortisone shot in his elbow. But it’s true that he came out playing well and did get that first set.

      Andy is just kidding himself if he thinks he lost that match because of Novak’s gamesmanship. He didn’t play well enough to win.

  13. Still, 5 AOs is quite awesome. Djokovic is a solid Nr. 1, I hope Rafa can pressure him this year.
    Andy has to reflect, yet again, on his concentration and attitude on court but it’s a losing battle …
    As always, they will brand Novak as favourite for RG (I know, I know, a bit too early in the season to talk about this but yet..), the questions is, will Rafa hone his skills in time to retain his crown .. every year it gets harder and harder

    • shireling,
      Maybe it is getting harder each year but each year is not always as hard as the last and Rafa has nine final RG wins under his belt and in continues to work on his skills. I expect this will be another year where even Novak will be very unlikely to defeat Rafa if Rafa plays a more or less full clay season without burning out or getting injured. Novak is not particularly in Rafa’s head other than usually being hard to beat on hardcourt (and they haven’t been meeting on grass for a long time).

      • chloro,

        I agree with you. We also know that Rafa doesn’t have to be at 100% to win RG. That’s where he has the real advantage. He’s brilliant enough on the clay to win when he’s not playing his best. He’s said so himself.

        As far as I am concerned, Rafa is the favorite to win RG until he loses it. No way Novak should be the favorite for RG.

      • Indeed. People will be fooled again and call Novak a favorite. But if both are in regular form and play each other Rafa is still the favorite this year.

      • 6/4 is not much smaller a ratio than 13/8. However, no need to read much into this anyway. Offs are no oracle nor infallible nor try to be, they are about maximizing profits for the betting companies and thus are as much based on the public’s perception of what the ‘real’ odds might be, ie how they are willing to bet on those.

        Even if Rafa had a less successful clay season as happened last year and the odds as a result show him a relatively weaker odd in the end what will matter is his mental and physical form. If it is close enough to his better/best form then he is a wall very hard to break through or climb over.

  14. Yes, those betting odds reflect Rafa’s incredible record at RG. Rafa has time to work on getting back to his best form. There’s a lot of tennis to be played before RG. But Rafa has earned his status as odds on favorite because of the historic record he has amassed at RG. Well deserved.

  15. We tend to forget that Rafa had back issues from the AO onward last year, that’s why his performance in the clay season was below par. What Rafa needs is a spell of good health and fitness. No stomach upsets, cramping etc. and I think he should stay away from sushi.

    • The back problem really disturbed his clay court campaign and the doubters and detractors mistook it as rafa’s decline on clay. It was not a decline. He mustered enough momentum and courage to tear everyone apart in RG. I remember he was below par in the rome final and many were fooled into thinking djokovic had his number now.

      Anyway, the back won’t be an issue this time I hope. Rafa will be back. I have a good feeling about it. he will dominate the clay season once more.

      • You do have to admit that Rafa said nothing about his back during the clay season, during the entire summer season, during the entire fall season, and finally mentioned for the first time that his back had been an issue (all year) at the end of the season when he mentioned for the first time that he was going to have it treated. I don’t recall any other year where it took that long to find out about an ongoing injury.

        Having said that, Augusta, you were right in your question on April 3 that we had no way of knowing one way or another whether there was anything wrong with Rafa in Miami.

        This reminds me of the winter / spring 2009. I remember that a few of us remarked, months before RG, while watching the Miami matches that something was off in Rafa’s play.That was the tournament when his knee problems started to show – but he didn’t talk about it until after losing RG.

        So when Rafa was not doing as well on clay last year it made sense, alas, in his case to think something physical _might_ be involved. I say _alas_ because this is now the case relatively often, much as I wished the opposite.

      • Oh Gosh…this is kind of disturbing !!! you sound like a high school master LOL.

        Anyway, I guess i said that at that time because rafa made it to the final of miami and he was seemingly moving well and serving okay in the matches. CONFIDENCE was a big issue.

        Plus, i wonder when will you stop pasting these screen shots out of context! Very likely there must have been some usual commenting that rafa lost because he was injured and implying there was no way he could otherwise get outplayed. Don’t you learn from rafa himself? He tries his very best to put things into perspective without this injury talk all the time UNLESS it hampers him significantly.

        I think you should muster the courage to watch the highlights of the miami final and then come back to comment here. The match got away from Rafa really quickly and that can happen against Novak who is the king of slow hard courts. Of course I cannot look into rafa’s soul to see how many injuries he has.

        What made sense at time was that rafa was not in any such discomfort or he would have withdrawn just like he has done in the past!

        And as I said that the back injury probably had shaken his confidence and disrupted his preparation, I think I covered that element! He was far from his best very likely because of inadequate preparation and shortage of confidence.

        Is that satisfactory now? I hope so!!

      • @chloro, yes. Now looking back, it looks like the back issue never quite left rafa.The treatments did not quite work. He was not able to get into the rhythm he likes and even his practice sessions must have been disturbed.

        The back problem was also there in RG but thank God rafa overcame it !

        I hope we do not have to worry about it any longer.

      • I’ve been thinking for a while about the back issues that plagued rafa all year starting with the AO final. And that they waited until the end of the year to treat the back.

        Sounds crazy from one viewpoint, which is the simply viewpoint of treating your injuries when needed and giving your body rest when needed. Something that the rest of us can probably schedule more easily in our lives, at least outside of the workdays or by taking some time off if needed and possible.

        This is where Rafa has a major issue. He is very motivated personally, he has commitments to sponsors, the public etc, and he needs to try to avoid long periods of time outside of competition because of how much it takes to come back… a mix that means he over-burdens his body. You know he does because of the frequency of injuries.

        It’s not only him of course, only his case is more visible because he’s been at the top for so long. Among top players there has been Andy’s back surgery, Novak’s more vulnerable earlier years, and Roger has managed to mostly suffer _only_ from back issues, that we know of.

      • @chloro, I think rafa and his team did try a few different treatments for his back throughout the year but no treatment worked well. he said so himself at the end of last year and added that he hopes the stem cell treatment works

      • @vr: I’d forgotten that he mentioned they tried various treatments during the year. too bad they did not work (better)
        @rd: you can say that again. Rafa needs some of Djoker’s magic potion. Or does Djoker have a pact with mephistopheles 🙂 ?

      • chloro says:
        February 2, 2015 at 7:58 pm
        —You do have to admit that Rafa said nothing about his back during the clay season, during the entire summer season, during the entire fall season, and finally mentioned for the first time that his back had been an issue (all year) at the end of the season…—

        Actually, Rafa got injections in his back (to reduce pain) during the South American clay-swing and he had tapes on his back at Roland Garros (during some matches).

    • vamosrafa says:
      February 2, 2015 at 7:20 pm
      —i wonder when will you stop pasting these screen shots out of context!—
      You can always find the context!

      —Don’t you learn from rafa himself?—
      You should learn not lecturing others.

      My point is that “armchair doctors” can’t be too sure about the diagnosis they give.

      • I am not giving any dignosis here. I am here to talk about factors whenever possible or try my best to write down opinions that follow logic. I still agree with my assessment of the match. Rafa was not particularly ‘injured’ heading into miami or he would have withdrawn. He would never risk his clay season at the cost of Miami. I also believe the reason he lost was that novak really took time away from him and rafa’s preparation and confidence level were not up to the mark due the back injury (as stated in the screen shot you posted).

      • I am not lecturing others. I am simply responding to someone who continues to paste screen shots of choice comments whenever she wants to. I have NEVER addressed any post at you to lecture you! Sometimes I ignore and sometimes I respond as you mention my name! perhaps I should ignore more and more.

      • vamosrafa says:
        February 2, 2015 at 8:09 pm,
        — I am simply responding to someone who continues to paste screen shots —

        I would like to see some facts from you too (In the past, you have accused me without presenting any facts)

      • augusta February 2, 2015 @ 8:00 pm

        —Don’t you learn from rafa himself?—
        You should learn not lecturing others.

        “My point is that “armchair doctors” can’t be too sure about the diagnosis they give.”

        Why don’t you give it a rest already? It’s not a capital offense for someone to be wrong about something for heaven’s sake! One would think that you have a monopoly on being right! Geez! Let it go!

        There was a lot Rafa’s fans didn’t know about what was going on with him, but people are entitled to give their opinion if they so wish. If they are wrong, then they shouldn’t be attacked, especially since this was almost a year ago.

      • nativenewyorker7 says:
        February 3, 2015 at 1:29 am
        —but people are entitled to give their opinion if they so wish—

        I think, I’m ALSO entitled to give MY opinion if I “so wish”.


  16. vamosrafa says:
    February 2, 2015 at 8:11 pm
    —@chloro, I think rafa and his team did try a few different treatments for his back throughout the year but no treatment worked well.—

    Rafa hasn’t talked about “trying different treatments” on his back.

    • “I did a lot of treatment on my back since Australia last year,”

      “Some worked for a few weeks, other ones for a little bit longer… one didn’t work. We always tried to fix the things we need to fix to be competing at 100 per cent.”

      Rafa said this before Abu Dhabi.

      • vamosrafa,

        Thanks for posting Rafa’s own words to clarify exactly what he said. No one is Rafa’s mouthpiece here or his PR man. He has Benito filling that job very nicely!

      • Sport 360, December 31, 2014:
        ¤¤ Nadal’s doctor explained last month that he was about to place stem cells in a joint his spine to regenerate cartilage and produce an anti-inflammatory effect. And while the world No3 is believed to have received the treatment already, he REFUSED to confirm it or discuss it in any detail.
        “To talk about that you have to talk to the doctor. Because I am not ready to talk about these kind of things as I don’t have the whole information,” he explains.
        “I had different treatments on my back and I am NOT ABLE TO TALK about all of them as I don’t have the information on all of them.
        They were done with different doctors and sometimes it worked well and sometimes not. And in the case of my back, it was tough to find the real thing that helped me, and I hope that the last one would be a positive one.”¤¤

  17. vamosrafa says:
    February 2, 2015 at 8:09 pm
    —Sometimes I ignore and sometimes I respond as you mention my name!—

    I don’t remember that I have talked ABOUT you. I have only quoted you!
    You don’t need to respond – my purpose hasn’t been (isn’t) to keep personal conversations.

    • LOL. Nobody here talks ‘about’ eachother. taking names and referring to someone directly is what I meant and you know it! yes, I will ignore such posts in the future whenever I can 🙂

      • vamosrafa says:
        February 2, 2015 at 8:52 pm
        —taking names and referring to someone directly is what I meant and you know it—
        Nope, I don’t know what you mean, because you don’t present any facts.

        —I will ignore such posts in the future whenever I can—
        Ignoring my posts is the best thing you can do! 😆
        I am here to support Rafa, not to fight with you (or anybody else)! 🙂

  18. @VR!!!

    Have not you learned by now?

    Rafa? Not the best at anything such as ROS???

    By definition, Rafa has NEVER lost when he’s been physically fit. It is simply not possible. Just ask Tenngrand’s resident Judge and Jury if it has ever happened.

    What kind of TennGrandRafan are you anyway??? Tell me @VR, I’m just wondering if you might be one of those crazy fans of the sport of tennis I’ve heard about,

    If you spoke of Federer like this on Ruan’s Federer Blog or Tennis-X you would surely be BANNED for life (as well as the next life)!!!

    (By the way, some say that the earth is indeed round and is not the center of the universe. Off with their heads I say!!! Every true TenngrandRafan knows that the sun and stars revolve around the earth and that Rafa IS the center of the universe.)

    • as nny said,
      we can all be wrong sometimes, not remembering everything perfectly

      so augusta, I stand corrected – about not remembering that Rafa did once or twice talk about his back during the year, and now I remember those tapes on his back, I had forgotten about those too – mea culpa, mea maxima culpa 🙂

      augusta, we should all be so lucky to have someone like you looking over our ‘work’ here and correcting it when needed, everyone needs a good proofreader 🙂

      • chloro says:
        February 3, 2015 at 1:41 am
        —so augusta… – mea culpa, mea maxima culpa 🙂 —
        I can’t understand WHY you are getting upset about getting information!

        —augusta, we should all be so lucky to have someone like you looking over our ‘work’… —
        I am not interested in the “work of posters”, I am interested in (correct) information about Rafa.

  19. chloro says:
    February 2, 2015 at 7:58 pm
    —You do have to admit that Rafa said nothing about his back during the clay season, during the entire summer season, during the entire fall season, and finally mentioned for the first time that his back had been an issue (all year) at the end of the season…—

    I add to my post of February 2, 2015 at 8:28 pm:

    Rafa talked about his back in Halle., June 14, 2014: ¤¤ Nadal also admitted that his back was bothering him. “I don’t have a very bad feeling but I still feel the back a little bit,” he said. “It’s something similar I had at the Australian Open. I have a little bit of an oedema in the bone in the back.”
    “And I felt that during Roland Garros, in the first round and especially in the second round, it was worse. But it’s true that after the second round I was improving. Today it’s not the worst day but I feel that I need to improve, I need to rest a little bit.”
    The serve is where he is most affected, he explained. “It’s a little bit more dangerous for me to change the directions. It’s difficult to create all the power with the back,” said Nadal. ¤¤


    “Rafael Nadal

    He lost to Berdych for the first time since 2006, but Nadal said he was happy to make the quarters in his first Slam since Wimbledon. Still, with Roger Federer already out of his half, more was possible in Melbourne. B”

    Not quibbling with the grade but the rationale?? Since when does the plight of Federer have any consequence on Rafa’s fate? Nobody told Tiggy: Fed is Rafa’s pidgeon!

    “Roger Federer

    Even in victory, he didn’t have it in Oz this year. Federer lost a set to Italian Simone Bolelli in the second round before losing three to his countryman Seppi in the third round. Federer offered no excuses; he said he “wasn’t playing shocking or feeling shocking”—he just wasn’t in rhythm, and he lost to a guy who played well. We may have been shocked at his earliest exit from Australia since 2001, but the more amazing fact is that it took this long to happen. C”

    I disagree with Fed’s grading. He lost to to Seppi for goodness’ sakes. He deserves an F.

  21. hilarious comments up there…you guys made my day! Such a strong love for truth and accuracy…fulfilling everyone’s hunger for precision and to the highest degree emotional site this is… 😉

  22. I wish that I found it that funny. I mean, let’s be real here. We are not writing a thesis here in these comments. Next we will have to annotate and cite sources for whatever we say! It’s getting ridiculous and the idea that one person knows what is correct and right about Rafa, is patently absurd.

    If someone wants to spend their days looking up everyone else’s posts to make sure that they are accurate down to every letter and punctuation and word, then so be it. I have better things to do with my time, thank you very much!

  23. chloro,

    I think irony just flies above the head of some. But hey, maybe you and I should write a thesis! We do sometimes have a lot to say in our posts! 🙂

    I kind of like hawkeye’s idea about OCD. That could be it.

  24. LOL! Too funny! An insult to ping pong and table tennis!

    Okay, I think that I am ready for my prescription now, Dr. Hawkeye!

    Irony is not flying about your head or mine! 🙂

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