Berdych fills void of Murray feuds left by Del Potro and Federer

The Haggis Slam

There is never a bad time to come up with an excuse for re-watching the epic Andy Murray vs. Juan Martin Del Potro feud at the 2008 Rome Masters, and now is an especially good time after Murray’s Australian Open quarterfinal match against Tomas Berdych on Thursday invoked obvious memories.

The Murray-Del Potro feud:

There was also the 2013 Aussie Open battle between Murray and Federer, in which the Swiss fired over an expletive at Murray for stopping play after a close call in the middle of a point. Murray responded in silent but effective style:
Federer Murray feud
Since those incidents, however, Del Potro has become Mr. Nice Guy and Murray has had no problems with Federer. In fact, the 17-time slam champion blatantly avoided handing out a double-bagel at the World Tour Finals last fall after leading 6-0, 5-0 with Murray serving at 0-30.

Enter Berdych.

Tension was expected with Murray’s former coach, Dani Vallverdu, now in Berdych’s corner. And it’s safe to say Murray’s 6-7(6), 6-0, 6-3, 7-5 victory did not disappoint in the drama-producing department.

Murray yells at Berdych’s camp after breaking back in the first set, and Berdych doesn’t like it:

Simultaneously, Kim Sears–Murray’s girlfriend–has some choice words for the Czech:

Berdych says, “good play, Tomas” right as he passes Murray after the first set, and Murray doesn’t like it:

Thanks, guys. This kind of of drama has been sorely missed.

23 Comments on Berdych fills void of Murray feuds left by Del Potro and Federer

  1. I don’t understand what there is to like about such childish behavior. Just play the game.

    As for Kim, I thought she was more refined than that. Don’t these women have jobs or something?


  2. Muzza seems to relish getting into these on-court contretemps, it’s unseemly. He just needs to let his racquet do the talking.

      • He does not have to respond to provocation, that is my point. He can take the high ground. His game is good enough, let IT do the talking.

        As for Kim, don’t get me started. What was she trying to prove, that she loves Muzza very much? By behaving like a hoodlum? Geez………..

      • I know @alex! That is why it is frustrating for me to see him getting distracted by silly games other players play.

        Am tight as a drum, want Muzza to win the whole thang!!

      • I’d so love it if he did, RITB !! Have to say, over the last three rounds I think muzz is better than ever. Sunday will be very interesting against nole (surely) – the ultimate gauge.

      • As of Monday, Muzza will be back where he belongs in the rankings: Top 4!

        plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose …………….

        Yes, bring on Nole………..Sunday.

  3. I totally remember the “mamma mia” incident between delpo and murray. Even back then Delpo was riddled with injuries…

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