U.S. Open Day 6 picks, including Isner vs. Kohlschreiber and Robredo vs. Kyrgios

The Grandstand’s Ricky Dimon and Steen Kirby of Tennis East Coast preview and pick four of the best men’s singles matches on Saturday at the U.S. Open. Among them is yet another third-round showdown between John Isner and Philipp Kohlschreiber.

(22) Philipp Kohlschreiber vs. (13) John Isner

Ricky: Isner vs. Kohlschreiber. U.S. Open. Third round. Again. Kolschreiber won the first one (2012) in five sets in the latest finish (2:26 a/m.) in U.S. Open history (tied). He won the second one (2013) 7-6 in the fourth. Isner had been in amazing form leading up to each of those U.S. Opens. This time around, that has decidedly not been the case. What he has enjoyed, though, is much more rest. Combine the lack of wear and tear with two unusually quick wins (both straight-setters) this week for Isner, and what you have is Isner’s turn to prevail in this always-entertaining matchup. Isner 7-6, 6-7, 6-3, 3-6, 7-6.

Steen: Both players had little resistance in their first two matches, and yet again they will do battle in the U.S. Open third round. For two consecutive years, Kohlschreiber has knocked Isner out of the tournament and the American is looking to end that streak this time. Both players have struggled with poor form at times, but Isner’s ankle seems fine and Kohlschreiber is the toughest opponent the American has faced so far. The German has proven that he can blunt Isner’s serve with some quality returns and force longer rallies. So this will be competitive, but Isner should pull through this time around. Isner 6-4, 4-6, 7-6, 7-6.

Nick Kyrgios vs. (16) Tommy Robredo 

Ricky: You know those guys whose matches you can never get right? For me, it’s Ernests Gulbis. He wins when I pick him to lose and loses when I pick him to win (see this tournament as just one of many examples). Not some of the time. Every time. I think Kyrgios may be the next in line. I had him losing to both Mikhail Youzhny and Andreas Seppi. So I’m not making the same mistake with the 19-year-old Aussie against another grizzled veteran. Kyrgios has been awesome this week, while Robredo needed five sets–and a bad call–to get past Simone Bolelli. Kyrgios 6-1, 7-5, 3-6, 7-6.

Steen: I’ve been conflicted on picking this match since both players booked their places in the third round, but I’m going with the gutsy and aggressive young Kyrgios over the wise warrior Robredo. Robredo was pushed to his limit against Bolelli in round two, and though he engineered a great momentum-shifting comeback, I think that match will take something out of a guy who has been on tour for quite some time. Kyrgios, meanwhile, bounced back well from a big round-one win over veteran Mikhail Youzhny. It should be a great match to watch featuring some great tennis and likely going five sets. I’m going with Kyrgios to be fresher in the end, thus seizing a final advantage. Kyrgios 3-6, 7-6, 7-5, 3-6, 6-4.

(9) Jo-Wilfried Tsonga vs. Pablo Carreno Busta 

Ricky: This could have been Tsonga vs. Benoit Paire. That would likely have been more exciting, although almost certainly a similarly routine result. This may not be the Tsonga of Toronto on display, but it also isn’t the Tsonga of 2014 prior to Toronto. Anything in between will be more than enough to take care of Carreno Busta on a fast hard court. On clay, this would be interesting. Tsonga 6-3, 6-3, 6-3.

Steen: Tsonga is likely pleased to see how Andy Murray has been below-average in the first couple of rounds and he’s chomping at the bit to meet him in the round of 16. But he can’t look past Carreno Busta, who against the odds has won his only two hard-court matches of the 2014 season at the U.S. Open to reach the third round. Tsonga surprisingly dropped a set against Juan Monaco in the opening round, but it’s highly unlikely he will struggle with so much to play for. Tsonga in a non-blowout straight sets is my pick. Tsonga 6-4, 6-4, 6-3.

Andrey Kuznetsov vs. (8) Andy Murray 

Ricky: Kuznetsov has displayed impressive talent for many years now (even though he is still just 23), and he has put it together on occasion in Grand Slams. But consistently? No. The Russian stunned David Ferrer earlier this summer at Wimbledon then promptly flamed out to Leonardo Mayer (an extremely beatable opponent, especially on grass) in straight sets. Kuznetsov ousted Fernando Verdasco in five sets on Thursday; now comes the hard part. Although this does not say much, Murray improved considerably from the first round to the second. Murray 7-5, 6-3, 6-0.

Steen: Kuznetsov has reached the third round of two consecutive slams now and he had a highlight-reel performance against a declining  Verdasco in round two. Murray was not pretty to watch in either of his first two matches, including a notable cramping incident in the first round, but he has pulled himself through and he’s the far more accomplished and talented player here. It’s always possible Murray could lay an egg and Kuznetsov, who is a step up in quality compared to the Scot’s first two opponents, would likely be prepared to capitalize. But I have to go with the favorite here in this situation. Murray 7-5, 6-4, 6-3.

28 Comments on U.S. Open Day 6 picks, including Isner vs. Kohlschreiber and Robredo vs. Kyrgios

  1. RT @SI_Tennis : “Tommy Robredo with a clinic on how to outthink, reel in, and break down a big-hitting opponent. Beats Nick Kyrgios 36 63 76 63 to advance.”

    Wooden spoon to Ricky and Steen…………..

    • I hope Nick “I am so cool” Kyrgios continues with his brand of brainless hit hard, harder, hardest tennis and settles where his type belong: The Monfils school of entertainment!

      • Good point…..he kinda reminds me too of the “Safin/Ivanisevic/Gulbis” school of beating the pants of off of people with mindless bombing and then other times crashing down to Earth and imploding when he meets someone that can play “tennis” for a longer period of time!! Great…no…FANTASTIC job by Tommy…..that was a clinic. Kyrgios should’ve paid him for the lesson!!!!

  2. ^^^should add the above refers to the Open Era. Not sure about this but I believe Laver holds the all time record.

  3. The fact of the matter is Nick Cheerios is another in a long line of Americanesque big servers ‘n FH like Isner, Querrey etc. etc. like those before him he will likely hit Top 20 or even take a peek into the top 10 at some point. He will have oodles of endorsement money thrown at him courtesy of the hip-hop swagger, hell that’s what it’s all about, no?

    He beat a mentally fried Rafa at Wimby and suddenly he was the second coming. I know it is heresy to mention factual reasons for Rafa’s losses, they are excuses, no? However, anyone with any brains knows that Rafa, for whatever reason, had a trying clay swing and this impacted his grass campaign. But hey, Rafa is not allowed to lose while 2-stroke ponies like Cheerios “deserve” plaudits for beating a mentally fried Rafa.

    That’s life………..

  4. His win over Rafa has already become an albatross round his neck. He was being touted in the Australian press as a possible USO winner if you please and such was the hype surrounding him he was even given the prime time slot last night.

    It’s amusing to observe the conflict within the ATP between finding a new superstar to appeal to a younger fan base and wringing the last drop of value out of the Federer Express.

    • ^^I am praying it’s the un-telegenic Thiem who has a true breakthrough. Let Nick Kournikova Cheerios have all the attention.

      The Cheerios vs T-Rob match was the only one I set the alarm for to watch. Boy, did I enjoy seeing T-Rob dismantle him. In the end Nick was lumbering about like a drunk rhinoceros, totally spent…………

      • I’m kicking myself that I didn’t see this match. Came home late rather the worse for wear and passed out before even checking the time of the match let alone setting the alarm. I wonder if Rafa sent congratulation to Tommy!

    • ed251137 ( at 10:09 am),
      —It’s amusing to observe the conflict within the ATP between finding a new superstar to appeal to a younger fan base—-

      I haven’t notice that ‘a younger fan base’ supports him. His main supporters are Fed fans (who hate Rafa…).

      • Gussie @ 10:48 am

        By this I take it you are referring to the internecine warfare between Federer and Rafa fans on tennis forums.

        I’m referring to the overall marketing strategy of the ATP. They need to build a younger fan base for the future health of tennis as a spectator sport which is why they are so desperate to find potential young superstars with global appeal.

      • ed251137 (at 11:33 am),

        Yes, I understood you. The ATP desperately needs young supporters for him.
        But so far, the old Fed fans desperately support him (like they have desperately supported their other heroes – who happened to get a victory over Rafa – through the years).

  5. RT @NickKyrgios: “$1000 dollar dinner with the man Marinko. That sneaked up on us. #greek #feastforthesenses #gobigorgohome”

    My lips are sealed……………….

  6. I watched that match last night and all I can say is that I am so proud of Robredo! A class act all the way! I thought Kyrgios was beyond embarrassing with his behavior. Every time he hit a winner he jumped all over the place as though he invented gravity! Boorish beyond belief! Then when Robredo started finding the answers in that second set and he started missing shots, he was freaking out all over the court. Having hissy fits every time he was bested.

    If this guy is the future of men’s tennis, then I want no part of it. Tommy just kept his cool, ignored the moronic behavior by Kyrgios and went about the business of schooling him. He showed how it’s done.

    Way to go, Tommy!

  7. Interesting interview with LaMonf, quite measured, especially his opinion on Kyrgios:


    Q. A bunch of people are already comparing Nick Kyrgios to you a bit. I saw you had an exchange on Twitter. What do you think about his potential?

    GAEL MONFILS: Well, definitely is a newcomer. I think he’s very talented. Last night he had maybe 30 minutes like incredible, I mean, playing heavy tennis, get all the shots. I think for me Nick is the next top player. For sure he needs a bit time because is his first year. You know, when you play against Tommy, for me, it was like I know Tommy. You know, Tommy you can be two set up – and myself I was – and then he come back. But I think it’s good for him. He will learn. For me he’s faster than us. He learn quick. He’s playing unbelievable his first year. For me, he’s one of the best server on the tour. Only this shows that at 19 you just come the first year and be one of the top 10 servers. It’s impressive. I think he’s going to break maybe the top 30 at the end of this year.

    • He’s got the game but not sure he has the mind to do it day in day out.

      It’s there to be had if he’s willing to mature. Comparisons I’ve heard to Sampras are laughable.


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