Rafael Nadal through the years

Photos of Rafael Nadal from tournaments, 2007-2014:










  1. Fantastic. Thanks, Ricky..

  2. rafaisthebest says:

    Okay Ricky, what gives? This is a family blog, why are you caressing us Rafans like this?

    My, isn’t he all growed up now?

  3. rafaisthebest says:

    I think this article definitely belongs on this page:


    This article is a perfect reposte to those who doubt Uncle T’s credentials as a tennis coach.

    ” It was Uncle Toni’s guidance that produced the snarling, fighter seen winning at least one Slam a year for nine straight years. It was Toni that installed the routine and discipline which has produced the nearly impenetrable mental fortress that is “Rafa.”

    Throughout their time together, Toni Nadal has consistently preached the same message — that each title represents only another step in the journey, not the end goal. It was for this reason that Toni Nadal cancelled a victory celebration for Rafa during his junior years, he did not want his nephew to become complacent.

    Through a combination of effective tactics and repetition, Toni Nadal has successfully programmed his nephew to believe that at any given moment, on or off court, Nadal is the underdog.

    Whether Nadal is up 6-0, 5-0 in a best-of-three, or down two sets in a best-of-five, he is always giving the maximum effort that his body will allow. And it’s that fight, that intensity, that snarl, that make him such a formidable opponent.

    Sports psychologists around the world are probably pining for interviews with Toni Nadal, and if they aren’t, they should be. The player he has helped create is arguably the strongest mental player the game has ever seen.”

  4. Loved all the photos…once a champion, always a champion!!!

  5. I love these photos!

  6. nativenewyorker7 says:


    Thanks for the great photos of Rafa! :)


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