2014 Australian Open picks: Nadal vs. Djokovic in rematch of 2012

First round
Nadal over Tomic in 3, Kokkinakis over Sijsling in 4
Kamke over Sock in 5, Monfils over Harrison in 4
Hewitt over Seppi in 4, Haase over Young in 5
Lajovic over Pouille in 5, Nishikori over Matosevic in 5
Raonic over Gimeno-Traver in 3, Gojowczyk over Hanescu in 4
Lu over Wang in 4, Dimitrov over Klahn in 4
Dancevic over Paire in 4, Kyrgios over Becker in 4
Smyczek over Bautista Agut in 5, Del Potro over Williams in 3

Murray over Soeda in 3, Odesnik over Millot in 5
Llodra over Berrer in 5, Lopez over Devvarman in 4
Kohlschreiber over Bedene in 3, Przysiezny over Zeballos in 4
Rola over Delbonis in 4, Isner over Klizan in 3
Tsonga over Volandri in 3, Bellucci over Reister in 5
Cilic over Granollers in 4, Brands over Simon in 3
Verdasco over Zhang in 3, Stakhovsky over Gabashvili in 4
Stepanek over Kavcic in 4, Federer over Duckworth in 3

Berdych over Nedovyesov in 3, De Schepper over Wu in 5
Dzumhur over Hajek in 5, Karlovic over Dodig in 4
Anderson over Vesely in 4, Sousa over Thiem in 5
Roger-Vasselin over Berlocq in 3, Haas over Garcia-Lopez in 4
Youzhny over Struff in 4, F. Mayer over Kudla in 5
Ramos over Andujar in 5, Janowicz over Thompson in 4
Chardy over Huta Galung in 3, Dolgopolov over Berankis in 5
Johnson over Mannarino in 5, Ferrer over Gonzalez in 3

Wawrinka over Golubev in 3, Falla over Kukushkin in 5
Mahut over Ebden in 4, Pospisil over Groth in 4
Rosol over Robredo in 4, Benneteau over Carreno Busta in 5
Kubot over Davydenko in 4, Gasquet over Guez in 3
Bogomolov over Fognini in 4, Nieminen over Sela in 4
Querrey over Giraldo in 5, Gulbis over Monaco in 4
Tursunov over Russell in 3, Istomin over Baghdatis in 4
L. Mayer over Montanes in 4, Djokovic over Lacko in 3

Second round
Nadal over Kokkinakis in 3
Monfils over Kamke in 4
Hewitt over Haase in 3
Nishikori over Lajovic in 3
Raonic over Gojowczyk in 3
Dimitrov over Lu in 5
Dancevic over Kyrgios in 5
Del Potro over Smyczek in 3

Murray over Odesnik in 3
Lopez over Llodra in 4
Kohlschreiber over Przysiezny in 4
Isner over Rola in 4
Tsonga over Bellucci in 3
Cilic over Brands in 5
Verdasco over Stakhovsky in 4
Federer over Stepanek in 4

Berdych over De Schepper in 3
Karlovic over Dzumhur in 4
Sousa over Anderson in 4
Haas over Roger-Vasselin in 4
Youzhny over F. Mayer in 4
Ramos over Janowicz in 5
Chardy over Dolgopolov in 5
Ferrer over Johnson in 4

Wawrinka over Falla in 3
Mahut over Pospisil in 4
Benneteau over Rosol in 3
Gasquet over Kubot in 3
Nieminen over Bogomolov in 4
Gulbis over Querrey in 4
Tursunov over Istomin in 4
Djokovic over L. Mayer in 3

Third round
Nadal over Monfils in 3
Hewitt over Nishikori in 5
Raonic over Dimitrov in 5
Del Potro over Dancevic in 3

Murray over Lopez in 3
Kohlschreiber over Isner in 5
Tsonga over Cilic in 4
Federer over Verdasco in 4

Berdych over Karlovic in 3
Haas over Sousa in 4
Youzhny over Ramos in 4
Ferrer over Chardy in 5

Wawrinka over Mahut in 3
Gasquet over Benneteau in 3
Nieminen over Gulbis in 4
Djokovic over Tursunov in 3

Fourth round
Nadal over Hewitt in 4
Del Potro over Raonic in 4
Kohlschreiber over Murray in 5
Tsonga over Federer in 5

Haas over Berdych in 5
Youzhny over Ferrer in 4
Wawrinka over Gasquet in 4
Djokovic over Nieminen in 3

Nadal over Del Potro in 4
Tsonga over Kohlschreiber in 4

Haas over Youzhny in 5
Djokovic over Wawrinka in 4

Nadal over Tsonga in 4
Djokovic over Haas in 3

Djokovic over Nadal in 5

Comments and your own predictions are appreciated!


  1. rafaisthebest says:

    Ronaldo wins the FIFA 2014 Ballon d’or! Well deserved, Rafa will be pleased.

    Make Real proud, Rafa, win AO 2014!


  2. vamosrafa I do not agree with you that Rafa dominated only in 2010. Do you mean to say domination means 3 slams and yen. 1? Multiple slams and no. 1 seems more reasonable. Rafa dominated in 2008. Not only did he thrash the GOAT at RG, he beat him on the GOAT’s best surface i.e. grass, snatched the no. 1 ranking and won the Olympics.
    Again in 2013, Rafa dominated the season from almost the moment he came and won 2 slams, 5 Masters and YEN 1.
    If you say he did not dominate because he did not dominate the Fall season then by the same argument Djokovic did not dominate in 2011 ( supposed to be one of the greatest tennis seasons ever) because he fizzled out in the fall. Everyone thought it did not in any way detract from his season.
    In 2012 Djokoic won only 1 slam and was YEN 1 but certainly did not seem invincible in slams or Masters.
    Rafa has 3 multiple slam years with yen 1. Djokoer has just ONE multiple slam year.
    I think in your attempt to be objective you are being unfair to Rafa.

    • no no no holdserve, not at all ! this is NOT what I think…i posted this ridiculous idea to show nadline that how unfair the scenario gets if we try to paint a diff picture than reality… Your concern is EXACTLY what I was trying to demonstrate !

      If you ask me about rafa;s 2008,2010,2013, I will now tell you what I think about them. For 2008, rafa was by far the most dominant player on the planet. He won multiple slams, gold medal and knocked federer off his throne..it also featured that sick 32 match winning streak from hamburg to cincy SF… the streak covered 3 surfaces so my all-time fav streak! reflects utter dominance…

      in 2010, well, he was the ruler of 3 diff surfaces ! YEN1 , enough said !nobody was even close..

      2013: rafa did not play australia. BUT, won 5 masters 100 ..2 slams, YEN1,10 titles, dominataed the top 10 and thrashed his main rival in slams, even on his weakest and his main rival’s weakest surface..

      Let me make myself clear : I believe rafa was very much dominant in 2008,2010,2013….I just mentioned a potential stupid argument to nadline to clarify my other points.. it has nothing to do with how I view rafa’s no.1 years.

      Thanks for addressing your concern :) glad I am clarifying…let me know if there’s any other concern

      • nativenewyorker7 says:


        For what it’s worth, I did get where you were coming from in that comment. I think we had a great discussion not too long ago in which we compared Rafa’s greatest years and tried to rank them. I thought it was really fun. We talked about 2008, 2010 and 2013. Everyone knows what Rafa did in those three years. They were all so good that I had trouble ranking them! I think that I put 2008 as #1 and kind of cheated by putting 2010 and 2013 together. They were each noteworthy in their own way.

        Sometimes people should take things so literally. Everyone knows that you are a true blue Rafa fan. Your heart is in the right place. You are smart and also a really nice guy! :)

      • vamosrafa says:

        glad you understand NNY :) I clearly remember that discussion of ours ! I put 2013 at the top I think and it was too tough to decide between 2010 and 2008 for me… haha

  3. ^^^Not to mention he did 2 slams out of 3.

  4. nativenewyorker7 says:

    Sorry, I meant to say in my last post that people should NOT take things so literally!

  5. Kohlschreiber has withdrawn so Bedene is now playing Stephane Robert of France.

  6. nativenewyorker7 says:


    Really? I didn’t know that. I just saw that the tennis channel is picking up the coverage until 6:00 pm. It seems that ESPN2 has prior commitments in scheduling. Then ESPN2 will resume coverage at 6:00 pm.

  7. Klizan takes the first set off of Isner 6/2. It’s not even 1 pm and the temp is already 99F (37C).

  8. Roger’s match about to start. Temp 102F.

  9. Isner just retired from his match. Ankle injury.

  10. Ricky Dimon says:

    anyone want to guest pick Day 3 matches w/ me?

  11. Just watched Roger’s immediate post match interview. He described the conditions as “toasty” and also said that the court is playing faster this year. The score: 6/4 6/4 6/2.

    • rafaisthebest says:

      Amazing how Rafa gets pilloried for stating the obvious. So, Roger now says the courts are playing faster THIS YEAR. Meaning, last year they were fast and this year they are faster. So Rafa is right in his assessment that the courts are very fast, notwithstanding the fact that he was not there last year to experience the “upgrade”.

      Go to Roger x- blog and see how he is being called a whiner for saying exactly what Roger is saying. And of course Rafa’s fans are whiners too for reporting what Rafa said…….


      • vamosrafa says:

        let’s see what Fed is able to do on ‘faster courts’ . So much of talk about slower courts leading to fed’s undoing.

      • Why I remember just last week that I said the Aussie courts would play fast based on the lead in tournies.


  12. rafaisthebest says:

    hawkeye63 says:
    January 14, 2014 at 1:22 pm

    And I called you a nutter (or words to that effect…………I know, I know.

    • Ricky Dimon says:

      what happened to Tomic?

      • “It was sad,” said Tomic, who was grimacing in pain in the first game of the first set before eventually retiring after a set against Nadal. “I felt it yesterday. I took a day off after the final in Sydney. I started hitting. I went for one ball and felt pain in my left leg. I thought it was going to be OK. I went for one ball on the backhand and just felt it…I just felt like, if I continue playing, who knows, something worse can happen, cannot play maybe for a few months. I don’t want to do that.”

    • I resemble that remark!!!

  13. Andy Murray among stars to criticise playing in ‘inhumane’ heat at Australian Open as temperatures soar

    Temperatures top out at 42.2 degrees Celsius at 5.45pm local time, just after Andy Murray begins his first-round match against Japan’s Go Soeda

    Andy Murray among stars to criticise playing in ‘inhumane’ heat at Australian Open as temperatures soar

    Feeling the heat: Temperatures in Melbourne are topping 40 degrees

    Andy Murray has warned the Australian Open it risks damaging the reputation of tennis after players were forced to play in searing heat in Melbourne.

    By Telegraph Sport, and agencies 1:43 PM GMT 14 Jan 2014


  14. ^^^
    Dancevic described the conditions as “inhumane”, adding: “Having players with so many problems and complaining to the tournament that it’s too hot to play, until somebody dies.”

    Where does that leave the enforcement of the time between points?……….20 seconds in slams!

  15. rafaisthebest says:

    Looking at the Day 3 OOP I am like, “Yawn!” I won’t bother watching any of this treacle on the men’s side. WTA offerings look a lot more compelling.

    That’s what you get when produce such a lopsided draw. All the action is in the Top half!

  16. Fed’s presser:

    Q. You never seem to be a guy who looks at his coach that much. Is that going to change that much with Stefan?
    ROGER FEDERER: Not really. I realize after a set I didn’t look up once yet. I better check if he’s actually sitting there. I did see them. He was wearing sunglasses. Okay, he is there.

    No, I don’t look up much. I stopped doing that way back when because just I said you just can’t be dependent on these entire looks all the time. Being coached from the sidelines, that’s not how I grew up.

    I feel like it’s like in school, you know, you do your work. At home, you get ready for the test, and then the test, you don’t cheat and you try to do your best score.

    I see it the same way in tennis. Clearly, you know, when I did look up, I, you know, it’s nice seeing him sitting there. Even if he wouldn’t be my coach it would be nice. Plus he’s in my corner, it’s great.

  17. rafaisthebest says:

    So Juan Martin Delpotro has made his statement: he is prepared to cheat to win his second Slam. Where is the umbrage which engulfed Raonic when he did to Delpo what Delpo did to the young man today? Raonic was pilloried all over the blogs but I see nothing about Delpo. Delpo played a double bounce ball, it was clear and he knew it.

    Raonoc’s excuse was he is young and inexperienced. He was hounded into a public apology. Has Delpo apologised yet? Are people that desperate for a challenge to the Big 3 that they will overlook Delpo’s cheating?

    I have lost all respect for Delpo. He is nothing but a bare-faced cheat.

    • Ricky Dimon says:

      calm down

      • rafaisthebest says:

        ^^^Oh please, not you as well. You think it was okay what Delpo did? Soon, I will calm down; Delpo? He will still be a cheat. Can you imagine the brouhaha if it had been Rafa who had done what Delpo did? He went on and on about Raonic for crying out loud after the Montreal incident.

        Delpo needs to man up and apologise.

      • Ricky Dimon says:


        i just hope you aren’t comparing a double-bounce to touching the net. DO YOU?

      • Ricky’s just upset because Milos is Canadian.

        The difference is that Delpo KNEW it was a double bounce.

        Milos knew he touched the net but he didn’t necessarily know he touched it while the ball was still live.

        I hope you don’t compare knowing you are in the wrong with not knowing you are in the wrong, DO YOU?


  18. rafaisthebest says:


    I watched the match, I did not record it. The incident is all over social media and I am sure will be on you-tube soon so you can view ti as proof if you do not believe that it actually happened.

    I am comparing the intent behind both actions, which was to profit from an illegal action in a match. In both instances the umpires did not see the incident and Raonic (then) and Delpo (now) chose not to own up to the infraction to gain advantage. The unwritten rule is that players should call the infraction themselves, not wait for the Umpire. Neither did. Call it a temporary moral failure, it happens. Raonic, young as he is, saw the error of hos ways and apologised. Delpo, in spite of being much more experienced, has yet to apologise, to a much younger opponent, who will forever be seared by this.

    The actions are different, the intent is the same, so yes, I am comparing the two.

    • Ricky Dimon says:

      i’m just saying in general it is VERY easy to know if you touched the net. It can be almost impossible running and lunging at full speed to know if it was a double-bounce or not.

      Raonic does not get the benefit of the doubt…because there is no doubt. There is video evidence of him reacting negatively to his touching of the net. Delpo is innocent until proven guilty.

      • rafaisthebest says:

        You know, just dawned on me that is exactly how Delpo would plead: I am innocent until proven guilty by incontrovertible video evidence.


  19. Oh it’s pretty easy to tell when the ball bounces twice and even Delpo’s own comments suggests he knew.


    • rafaisthebest says:

      @hawkeye63, don’t look now but something spooky’s going on over at Roger-x blog. Ben Pronin’s responding to your posts (he is calling your name) but your posts are not appearing anywhere on the blog! Clearly your posts are being censored, so why is Pronin responding to them publicly? Does it mean he is a moderator on that site because clearly he has access to moderated posts?

      • ritb, I’m aware! :)

        Apologies to Ricky and augusta08 for the un-redacted transcript from Roger-X.com but I can’t resist, no?

        Ben Pronin Says:
        So far, Djokovic’s first round match was tougher than Nadal’s.
        January 14th, 2014 at 8:12 am

        hawkeye Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        Top notch insight Ben. You must play tennis.
        January 14th, 2014 at 8:48 am

        hawkeye Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        Has Federer ever had a tough first round draw in a major? Ever?
        January 14th, 2014 at 9:07 am

        Ben Pronin Says:
        Hawkeye, yes Federer has had tough first round matches. Andreev 2010 in Ausralia? Falla at Wimbledon? Feliciano Lopez at the French in 2011? Just a few that come to mind.
        January 14th, 2014 at 9:29 am

        hawkeye Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        Hey Ben Pronin, I am seriously impressed!
        I didn’t know you could see moderated posts. Do you need special glasses or were you just born this way?
        January 14th, 2014 at 9:07 am

        Ben Pronin Says:
        Hawkeye, yes Federer has had tough first round matches. Andreev 2010 in Ausralia? Falla at Wimbledon? Feliciano Lopez at the French in 2011? Just a few that come to mind.
        January 14th, 2014 at 11:29 am

        hawkeye Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        Haha, Feli on clay? Really? Feli was 139 in the world at the time.
        C’mon Andreev and Falla? Both players were outside the top 100 a few months after both meetings.
        You didn’t read my question. I was referring to his first round draw.
        Do yourself a favour and stop worrying about Nadal. Focus on players you enjoy watching. It’s better for your mental state.
        (At least I know you can see this post even if it never sees the public light of day, no?)
        Stay cool Ben Pronin.
        January 14th, 2014 at 11:40 am

        hawkeye Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        So Ben and Sean can preview moderated posts. Skeezer too?
        Sure this is not Roger-X?Lol. Hilarious!
        January 14th, 2014 at 11:45 am

        Ben Pronin Says:
        Hawkeye, the point is they turned out to be tough matches. Falla almost won. Lopez had almost beaten Federer about a week before in Madrid. And Andreev was a point from being up 2 sets to 1.
        The point is, sometimes the draw doesn’t play out the way we expect it to on paper. People thought Tomic would be a tough out. Unfortunately, he had to retire. So despite the “cake draw” Djokovic got, he had a tougher first round match than Nadal.
        Why are you telling me to not focus on Nadal when you’re so focused on Federer. I didn’t even mention him but you decided to bring him up. Hypocrit.
        January 14th, 2014 at 1:47 pm

        hawkeye Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        I guess I’m never TRULY moderated because at least my intended audience ALWAYS read my posts !Classic!
        January 14th, 2014 at 2:15 pm

        hawkeye Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        Ben Pronin is obsessed with Rafa and me.
        January 14th, 2014 at 2:25 pm

        James Says:
        Hawkeye’s comments haven’t appeared yet, so it seems like Ben Pronin is talking to himself ;)
        January 14th, 2014 at 2:34 pm

        hawkeye Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
        I am the ghost formerly known as hawkeye.
        January 14th, 2014 at 2:42 pm

      • Ricky Dimon says:

        is Ben Pronin being serious?

        ANDREEV? LOL.

        FALLA on GRASS? Hahahah.

    • Ricky Dimon says:

      no it isn’t

  20. Wow. If you cross your eyes, that almost looks like a scoretracker post. Or maybe you don’t even need to.

    Scaring myself now.

    That’s it, I’M OFF THIS THREAD, GOT IT?????


  21. They’ve since published some of my posts (except for the funnier ones).

    • rafaisthebest says:

      I love reading the Fedbot sites out there, thoroughly entertaining. Waiting for the entertain-o-meter to ratchet up a few notches when Rafa bites that trophy in 2 weeks’ time……

  22. Ricky Dimon says:
  23. rafaisthebest says:

    RT @NeilHarmanTimes: “Tomic tore an adductor muscle, which vindicated his decision to quit after a single set. Playing on could have meant 4 months out”

    To think there are people out there who said he tanked…………..

  24. That’s exactly what happened to Rafa against Ferrer at the AO 2011.

    • ^^Indeed it is what happened to Rafa. Here’s a clip where he’s describing his injury and then famously swears at Toni that he’s in the quarterfinals and he’s not going to retire.http://youtu.be/gZB4jcPmFGo

      • ^^ hahaha. Geez, copied the wrong thing. Here’s the actual clip. http://youtu.be/2VrtiMLglls

      • nativenewyorker7 says:

        I well remember that! On vb the Spanish people were able to give us the English translation of what Rafa said! Wow!

        It wasn’t easy to translate the words literally, but they were able to give us a vivid picture of what Rafa was saying! He does have a mind of his own.

  25. Rafa is the 3rd match on tomorrow on RL.

  26. Stan the man in some trouble…hope he gets this done in four sets

  27. gets it done in 4 ! stan HAS to stay alive till the quarters…

  28. rafaisthebest says:

    Oz Open organisers clearly think putting players’ health at risk by subjecting them to un-Godly playing conditions is funny. How else would they justify posting this article on their website? Hopefully the low attendance figures during the heatwave days will wipe the smirks off their faces:



  29. Stan will be a non-factor if he meets Nole. At best he could take a set.

  30. nativenewyorker7 says:

    If Djoker can keep up this kind of form, Stan doesn’t have a prayer. However, it’s not like he is playing guys who can challenge him.

    Maybe it’s the Becker effect! :)

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