Federer named seventh most stylish athlete

Roger Federer was tops among tennis players on GQ’s list of the 20 most stylish athletes in 2013. Federer registered at No. 7 on the list, with Andy Murray at No. 18 followed by Tomas Berdych rounding out the chart at No. 20.

“‘Grand Slam'” is a title that could just as easily be applied to Federer’s off-court style as the tennis ace’s graceful moves on clay or grass extend to the red carpet as well,” read the blurb on the 17-time Grand Slam champion.

As for Murray, “With his ever-present stubble and tousled just-so hair, he may not be the most refined guy on the court, but this is what makes him stand out from the manufactured handsomeness of his competitors.”

LeBron James was No. 1 on the list.

15 Comments on Federer named seventh most stylish athlete

  1. Roger does look good in his clothes. He has the perfect body for wearing clothes well, just like a fashion model. Wide shoulders, slender hips, skinny arms and legs. Clothes drape well on him…nothing to get in the way of the line of the drape.

  2. ^^^Well, different strokes for different folks. Gimme some Rafa…………anytime!

    Athletes Who Can Really Rock a Suit

    “Professional tennis star Rafael Nadal may have questionable style on the court with his signature capri pants, but off of the court he can dress. Nadal always shows up to events looking extremely dapper and well groomed.”


    Thing is, for me: Rafa looks like an athlete in a suit, Fed looks like a model in a suit. I just prefer the manly look…………..

  3. RITB: I guess I’m not good at backhanded compliments. I was trying to parody something Roger might say. Guess I’ll have to practice more. (skinny arms…etc…nothing to get in the way of the drape….). I, too, like a more athletic look on a man and I don’t like “metrosexual” looks.

  4. Ace comment about Andy *wub* though seems to scrub up very well these days.
    Numero 1 was Beckham, I think. No change there.

  5. Many years ago I predicted a great future for Fed as a catwalk model when his tennis days were over 🙂

    Garments hang well on him, he enjoys preening, and is good at strutting his stuff – to be successful on the catwalk it isn’t necessary to be photogenic.


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