Nadal reportedly back on board for Cincinnati

In again, out again, on again, off again…that has been the story with Rafael Nadal and the Western & Southern Open so far this summer.

The Spanish news outlet Marta reported earlier this month that the world No. 4 would skip Cincinnati, which is by his worst Masters event. Nadal owns a mere 13-8 lifetime record, which includes three opening-match losses, just two trips past the quarterfinals, and no appearances in the final.

Nadal has not fared well in Cincinnati since 2009. He lost to Marcos Baghdatis in a 2010 quarterfinal and in 2011 he played an infamous three-set match against Fernando Verdasco before getting crushed by Mardy Fish in the quarterfinals. He obviously skipped the 2012 installment during his seven-month layoff from tennis.

Knee troubles perhaps contributed to Nadal’s first-round Wimbledon upset loss to Steve Darcis and Marca speculated that the former world No. 1 would bypass one of his worst events in order to rest for next month’s U.S. Open. On Monday, however, Nadal told reporters at an Inter Manacor football match that he would indeed be participating in both Canada and Cincinnati.

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  1. Like Deucey and RITB, I have been disappointed by Jerzy’s on court demeanour this year. He seemed so humble during his fairy tale run to the final in Paris but the sudden fame has clearly gone to his head. He is clearly a volatile character but unless he learns to control his emotions on court it will be his undoing and he will never realise his full potential which would be a pity because of all the up and coming players I reckon he has the best chance of becoming a major force.

  2. Rafa is in the doubles draw partnered by Andujar. Their first match will be against Ferru and Feli.

    • vamosrafa,

      Thanks for the link! It’s so good to see Rafa hitting the ball again. He looks pretty good, but of course we have to see him in action.

      Can’t wait!

  3. Thanks augusta08!
    I am really excited. I just want to gauge his form and fitness. I don’t care if he loses in any round. But like vamosrafa said if he goes out but goes out playing aggressively, I would not be unhappy.
    Ed, your post is full of misinformation. I never attacked you for favoring Murray. I love Twinge and Alex (especially Twinge) even though they are Muzza fans.
    I was upset with you because you attacked Rafa repeatedly while pretending to be a Rafa fan. Also you mauled me for defending Rafa’s great 2008 against the mono myth.
    I have always been a dual fan and I don’t mind anyone being anyone’s fan. I don’t hold it against other fans for attacking Rafa as long as they do not pretend to be Rafa fans.
    Anyway, now that TT itself is gone let us bury the hatchet and let’s hope we can interact without acrimony. After all you have excellent knowledge of tennis and you are a witty poster. So if you don’t attack Rafa, we can have tennis related discussions with some wit and humor for entertainment.

    • Somebody please send out a search party for Twingey…………the nice Twinge, not the hard-ar*$

      • And also for Luckystar. She was not present during the final days of TT so may not have seen the alternative homes that were being discussed. Does anybody know if she posted on any sites other than TT and if so under what name?

      • ed251137 (August 4, 2013 at 8:04 am),
        I remember luckystar responding to chlorostoma, who asked her to join ‘The grandstand’ (at the TT farewell article).

  4. Holdserve: I thought we’d already agreed to bury the hatchet, no ?

    It came as a complete surprise to me when you originally revealed you were a fan of Andy’s just before TT closed down so I was amused by your comment earlier yesterday about having a second string to your bow and was pulling your leg about your duality.

    It clearly back-fired on me and opened an old wound :-((

    For the life of me I will never understand how, why or when you decided I was ‘pretending to be a Rafan’ but it’s all water under the bridge now.

    Peace my friend.

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