Top 10 memorable points of Federer vs. Nadal

In anticipation of the 29th meeting between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, here are 10 of their most memorable exchanges.

Honorable mention: What are you getting me for Christmas?

2006 Masters Cup

2007 Hamburg

2008 Wimbledon passing shots

2008 Wimbledon, Nadal match point

2012 Australian Open

2010 World Tour Finals

2011 Hit for Haiti:

2011 Madrid

2011 French Open

And the best for last: 2009 Australian Open


  1. Those points were so much to watch, esp that amazing point from the Aussie Open. thanks for the memories!

  2. love watching all the points, although video entitled wimbledon 2008 match point is actually not, but fifth set 6-7 40-30

  3. neilintoronto says:

    Thanks for all the great vids! One correction, the point labelled Wimbledon match point 2008, is not in fact match point, but rafa serving down 30-40 at 6-7 in the fifth set. Quibble i know, but i think it was this exact point that spurred Rafa on to win.

  4. ah, thanks!!

  5. Love these :) also the one entitled Australian Open 2009 part one is actually Australian Open 2012


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