Facebook chat: Tennis players react to Nadal’s return

(click on various segments to enlarge)
Convo 1Convo 2Convo 3Convo 4Convo 5Convo 6


  1. Peter Hermann says:

    What pro’s would sound like if they had the mindset’s of their rabid fans- lol, its hilarious, kept me laughing for quite a while!

  2. Spot on character-wise, wonderfully written. Thank you for this piece of off-season hilarity!

  3. I can’t stop the laughter. Just what the doctor ordered…… We need a twitter site just for these blokes include that fella Serena!!!

  4. Hahahahaha!! Made me laugh so much I almost peed my pants…

  5. Even all these years later, the Delpo/Andy fight will never not be amusing. Oh and the older Aussies shutting Tomic up is awesome. So funny.

  6. Wait….this isn’t real?

  7. thumbs up! this is so funny!


  1. […] Facebook chat: Tennis players react to Nadal’s return – via The Grandstand. Hilarious. […]

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